A Glossary of Poker Terms for the Beginner

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A Glossary of Poker Terms for the Beginner

Poker has its own specialized vocabulary and in order to understand the game, you do have to become familiar with the various terms pokerss. These terms apply in all countries of the world, whether you are playing the game in the US, Italy or Germany.


Action – this is the amount of betting that takes place at the tables. A lot of betting means the action is high and very little betting means that the action is slow.


All-In – This means that you bet all your chips in an attempt to cause your opponents to fold so that you will win the pot. Some players use this strategy when they know they have a winning hand, but there are some who use it in a bluff in an attempt to gain more chips to stay in the game.


Back to Back- two cards of the same cards in a row, such as two fives or two threes.


Bet – to place money in the pot based on the cards you hold in your hand.


Blind – the amount of money placed in the pot before the dealer deals out any cards. It is the same things as an ante in a regular poker real money, except that every player doesn’t have to pay it.


Big Blind – the first bet placed in a round by the player sitting to the left of the dealer. During a game, each player takes a turn paying the big blind.


Bluff – a bet or raise a player makes on a hand that is not a winning combination in an attempt to force other players to fold their hands.


Board – these are the community cards turned over in the Flop, Turn and River.


Button – the token placed in front of the players to tell which player makes the big blind, which one makes the small blind and which one is the last to act.


Buy-In – in poker tournaments, players have to pay an amount of money in order to compete in the game.


Call – the amount of money a player has to place in th3e pot to continue playing


Check – to choose not to bet, when it is permissible and legal to do so, and still continue playing.


Community Cards – these are the cards the dealer lays in the middle of the table face up.


Flop – the three cards the dealer lays face up after the first round of betting


Fold – to decide not to bet in a round and to throw the cards into the middle of the table.


House Cut – often called the rake, this is the percentage of the pot that the house takes as profit.


Pocket Cards – these are the starting cards in Texas Hold’Em and Stud poker


River – the last card the dealer turns face up on the table.


Showdown – the point at the end of the game where the players show their cards and wait to see the cards the dealer turns over to determine which one is the winner with the best hand.


Small Blind- this is the amount of money the second player has to pay in a round. It is equal to half the amount of the big blind.


Stack – the amount of money a player has in the chips on the table.


Table Stakes – a standard rule in which players can only bet the amount of money that they have in the chips in front of them on the table.


Tight Player – a player who only plays on good hands


Turn – the fourth card turned over by the dealer

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