a day in the life with the uncos

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the uncos first blog www.myspace.com oh yea, and for those of you who keep assuming this is about wong fu.. its not, we like those guys… we’re talking about asian guys who BLOG about white girls (non-asians) not liking them because they are asian… dont use your race as a handicap, your ethnicity isnt the problem, its you www.facebook.com www.twitter.com myspace.com JKFilms Shirts Available: www.justkiddingfilms.bigcartel.com
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the best ayumi trance mega mix. sorry about the pics. i wasn’t in the mood making this video. just enjoy the trance music. here are the links for the songs included in the mix, more to come: www.youtube.com – boys& girls www.youtube.com – end roll www.youtube.com – live strip poker face (eurosenti mix) www.youtube.com – trauma www.youtube.com – you www.youtube.com – depend on you www.youtube.com – too late www.youtube.com – trust www.youtube.com – whatever (sentimental mix) www.youtube.com – monochrome check out my website: www.cinnamonstorm.com

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50 Responses to “a day in the life with the uncos”

  1. mrmehdimedia Says:


  2. jnkn998 Says:

    What about the pho!!!!! And the cha lua

  3. 3atdis Says:

    WHAT!! you forget about the spring roll in the nuoc mam!!

  4. xav264 Says:

    @wolfdayman5421 to their own race?

  5. superEmo2131 Says:

    Duh real uncle chen :}

  6. wolfdayman5421 Says:

    wtf lol thats a lil racist

  7. darkbrandon40001 Says:

    Mychonny and jk films are awsome

  8. nigahigafan883 Says:

    mychony brought me here

  9. A1rsoftAFICIONADO68 Says:

    they almost seem like real people. lmao

  10. littleXjack Says:

    @masturbating6969 HA thats not true I’d gladly fuck my own mother you chin ghong faggot

  11. aka3740 Says:

    lmao 08:40

  12. leemonater1025 Says:

    if you’re not stereotypical, type asiancrewclothing into google.
    fighting stereotypes one shirt at a time.

  13. mikemike1307 Says:

    my eggroll licked by the whole UNITED NATION??? LOLOL

  14. IceKoldKilla1992 Says:

    Mongolian sandwich? lol

  15. MrBTV1 Says:

    I duh Pilipine and i get duh mesican everyduy

  16. stinkbra Says:

    im lovin that orange frilly shirt LOL =]

  17. guitardude495 Says:

    3:04 so inspiring :’(

  18. xRedFoo209x Says:


  19. masturbating6969 Says:

    6:48 white people have an ethnic fetish in general. they can’t stand their own kind.

  20. PathraSensei Says:


  21. pongsitchingy Says:

    golden retriever hav duh bic dick sumtime!

  22. mattkingful Says:

    haha its so funny when ya said about eggrolls that in the mouth haha asian pride

  23. pattserrato Says:

    Not only should all Asians get along… but everyone in general should.
    People should stop looking at the color of their skin..but look at the heart inside that skin, because they may b perfect for u, over may even get to b ur best friend

  24. xbox360fanatic420 Says:

    @KMSHee1 i was rollin idk what i was doing last night:(

  25. xbox360fanatic420 Says:

    @KMSHee1 haha i knew someone would reply are you chinese?

  26. AudienceWM Says:

    @PiplupPeanut Nope

  27. radiantsuns1 Says:

    This song needs to be on DDR :)

  28. allaroundtheworld714 Says:

    love it =)

  29. UltraSSJ2Chulla Says:

    lol 3 dilikes this is every techno jpop fans dream how do even stumble upon something like this and not love it????

  30. DjLsdMixes Says:

    this is the most amazing mix ever!

  31. SakuranoIzzy Says:


  32. r2045966 Says:


  33. saran0315 Says:


  34. CulturallyLost Says:

    Thank god for pandora radio.

  35. CappitranoBellephant Says:

    @PiplupPeanut Nope LOL XD

  36. DJSoUnDBoyy12189 Says:

    @PiplupPeanut Haa Haa!! OMG! Me too!!

  37. XxHELLRAZ0RxX Says:


  38. urashimaronin93 Says:

    I think 1/2 of us did =P

  39. NovaWolf01 Says:

    @PiplupPeanut every anime opening ever made? hmmm sounds like i got some video watching to do.

  40. TomokoChan628 Says:


  41. Murlawk Says:

    Song at :15?

  42. ArktinenSusi Says:

    My favorite Japanese singer <3

    Finland,Japan & Korea are the best countries in the World ^^

  43. skyknight2003 Says:

    I think I recognize one of those songs from the intro of 1000 arms, fun game, though the last boss kicked my butt.

  44. limeyking Says:

    @PiplupPeanut Nope I came too!

  45. hyfynorris Says:

    @PiplupPeanut no, i’m searching for the song to download it xD

  46. HollowMosca Says:

    F YIEH

  47. ryuqe787 Says:


  48. cklambo Says:


  49. Mcmotherfuckingrory Says:



  50. rockstar3541 Says:

    @PiplupPeanut Nope I got this from that too. Lmao ARE YOU PSYCHIC?!? I’m scared D:

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