80's Commercials Vol. 36

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These commercials aired on local CBS affiliate KPIX on May 22nd, 1987. Thanks to my cousin David for recording these. 1. Starburst (Why is it that nothing sums up the feel of the 80′s better than bright neon lights?) 2. Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs (Most frightening company mascot ever) 3. Crave Cat Food (Amazing jingle) 4. American Express 5. McDonald’s Chicken Salad Oriental (Are large corporations still allowed to use the word “oriental”?) 6. Promo for “Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Celebration” 7. McDonald’s Garden Salad 8. Hallmark (What a strange commercial) 9. Sun Light (Well, I declare!) 10. Carnation Instant Breakfast 11. Promo for “Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Celebration” 12. Promo for “Heroes: Made In The USA” (With Joe Namath) 13. CBS “Share The Spirit” Bumper 14. “Be Smart, Don’t Start” PSA 15. Sylvania Soft White Light Bulbs (Ahh! There are more of them!!!) 16. Ragu Thick & Hearty Spaghetti Sauce 17. Cheese (Cheese, glorious cheese!) 18. Promo for “Poker Alice” (Is there an 80′s TV movie that Tom Skerritt isn’t in?) 19. CBS Station ID 20. Chevron (Protecting Eagles from power lines since 1987) 21. PG&E 22. Promo for “Golden Girl: The Bridge at 50″

Maite is here a divine woman who can’t decide which boy to chose, so she wants to break up with them all. It’s just my vision of this song, I really like it, Maite is amazing. Song: Alejandro – Lady Gaga
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50 Responses to “80's Commercials Vol. 36”

  1. mcguinnfan Says:

    That’s a particularly interesting mix. I was sure that the Hallmark ad was going to be one of those “know when to say when”-type PSAs. And no one had to tell those Starburst kids not to worry about looking ridiculous!

    Once again, thank you for posting these. I’m enjoying them immensely.

  2. WarriorSmurf Says:

    @80sCommercialVault Light incarnate, lol.

  3. thebayareapimp Says:

    the light bulb commercial reminds me of the 80s movie classic Poltergeist!

  4. andycflbulb Says:

    @jakobluke The annimation is hilarious!

  5. andycflbulb Says:

    @acetrain81 probably!

  6. MattTheSaiyan Says:

    A cheesy commercial for….cheese. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  7. StormsongK Says:

    Comedienne Rita Rudner in the Hallmark ad, using her trademark deadpan delivery.

  8. 3859c1 Says:

    That’s Tia Carrere at the end of the cheese commercial.

  9. biped19 Says:

    Macdonals will toss your salad.

  10. Droogie128 Says:

    Love the chicken salad oriental. It’s a chef’s salad, covered with chicken… and chow mein noodles. The noodles made it “oriental”. God I loved the 80′s.

  11. onenonlyprincess2 Says:

    That light bulb commercial was very creepy

  12. gottaloveaz Says:

    Friday May 22,1987 was Dallas’s final episode of that season.

  13. gottaloveaz Says:

    Ragu TINA WEENA !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. acetrain81 Says:

    2 years from now it’ll be the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. I wonder if they’ll have the bridge packed with people again.

  15. MeInTX Says:

    I like how Chevron acted like a wooden platform was some big engineering marvel, while that ad was surrounded by reminders of the 50th anniversary of a genuine engineering marvel.

    I like, after being told that AmEx can help with the guy’s missing medicine, a helicopter appears on screen. I’m sure they can be helpful in that situation, but I doubt they’re going to be doing any airlifts.

    I’m willing to bet the woman in the Sun Light ad hasn’t ever been anywhere near the South.

  16. redneck500 Says:

    The 80s were much better than now!

  17. Itzpower Says:

    00:30 That Sylvania Mascot makes me feel that he’s giving those people Radiation.

  18. vixen042 Says:

    lol light bulb ghost

  19. jakobluke Says:

    Do they still make Crave cat food? Loved the jingle and the animation in the ad! (And the meowing, too!)

  20. sylviabombs15 Says:

    I met that sylviana lightbulb guy/entity when I ate 10 grams of mushrooms last summer. We talked for hours

    good times

  21. StormsongK Says:

    Dang…sex sells cheese. Unnecessary, but effective.  :)

  22. kari00ws6 Says:

    McDonald’s had salads in the 80s?

  23. jsngallery Says:

    Never mind Oriental, can you say “we wanna toss your salad?” lol (#5)
    So true about 80′s colors. Nothing sums it up more than neon green pants with neon yellow on one sleeve and neon green on the other. Oh, and a “high and tight” hair cut to boot. oh and high-tops. oh, and cuffing your pants. Oh, and a rat-tail.Oh, or a Champion sweatshirt with Gibaud’s on a hot Sat. night. ha ha ha

  24. TheAngelicBytch Says:

    I’m guessing the Human Torch fell on hard times and had to sell light bulbs for a while.

  25. MsStinkeye Says:

    Don’t forget “Beef: it’s what’s for dinner” or “Pork: the other white meat.” Not specifically 80s commercials, but I remember first seeing the one for pork back around 1987.

  26. MSATEFEH11 Says:

    hahaha maite is lady gaga
    christian is alejandro
    christopher is fernando
    poncho is roberto hahahah very beautiful video

  27. ElliPerronylit Says:

    gosto muito desse vídeo, podia ter versão 2 com a música completa e masi tempo com os meninos

  28. latina384 Says:

    do huja dajecie to lady gaga jak wygloda jak potwor narkoamnka a spiewa jak narwana by byla

  29. avaliadordemusica1 Says:

    o chris éo alejandro uhsauhshuahusauhsahu

  30. juliaregi Says:

    ay que precioso video te felicito

  31. zuzzu16 Says:


  32. MiniN00N00 Says:

    Wow This Is An Amazing Video!

  33. majestiq97 Says:

    Kocham Dulce najbardziej ze wszystkich z RBD , ale musze przyznać , że najpiękniejsza jest Maite , dlatego wydaje mi się , że ona jest bardziej podobna do Natali :)

  34. RBDamorr Says:

    @AleksandraWoz ojej wiem, tylko dodałam klipy z Maite pod utwór Gagi :)

  35. AleksandraWoz Says:

    A to lady gaga spiewa, to pomyłka, to nic i tak lubie te piosenke :D

  36. AleksandraWoz Says:

    To ona spiewa???? :O nie wiedziałam suupeeerrrr

  37. Grzywka2010 Says:

    Wole patrzeć na Maite moją fanke

  38. stefy663 Says:

    ME ENCANTA ♥ Mas hermosa Maii!

  39. AnyOlaS Says:

    Maite princesa <333

  40. urzula01 Says:

    @akyelia Maiti ,Anahi, Belanova thumbs up

  41. urzula01 Says:

    Anahi and Belanova are better singers than Lady Gaga

  42. 6GeGe6 Says:

    @RBDamorr możliwe ale ja nie oglądałam Zbuntowanych dość uważnie

  43. RBDamorr Says:

    @6GeGe6 Moim zdaniem to Dulce jest bardziej podobna do Natalii :) 

  44. 6GeGe6 Says:

    taka druga natalia oreiro

  45. Jackielola Says:

    she looks beautiful and she is a good singer, model, and actress, but best of all she is an incredible person she isn’t like other stuck up girls!

  46. musicindisguise Says:


    Is she married and is she together with William Levy- dating?

  47. abstractPL Says:

    @Maite154 Ale ja wolę popatrzeć na Maite. :)

  48. selenaandmaitefan Says:

    @Maite154 oh gosh i can read comennts in polish, english spanish wow
    ja nie moge mozn tu przeczytac komentarze w 3 jezykach
    wow yo puedo leo aki coments en tres linques

  49. nonnah9 Says:

    She’s the princess og all the princesses !

  50. akyelia Says:

    Maite 4ewer!

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