7 years old Alexey Poblete playing Poker Face by Lady Gaga

March 07, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Our youngest drummer, 7 years old, Alexey Poblete playing “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga. Check her out! she is killin’ it!!! Alexey’s cymbal setup: 13″ Custom Brilliant Hats, 14″ Custom Brilliant Crash, 12″ Vintage China, 18″ Vintage Old School Crash /Ride
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25 Responses to “7 years old Alexey Poblete playing Poker Face by Lady Gaga”

  1. radexopoblete Says:

    your awesome, and same Last Name. ^_^

  2. KGENT17 Says:

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. GarrettMCobbs Says:

    I was in a competition with her in it. She was in the beginner category. Looks like she’s grown a lot in the past 10 months

  4. NickSievers1 Says:

    I like everything but the song

  5. moodydan72 Says:


  6. rejectyourreality10 Says:

    @Dylan6281 Well it shouldnt be she is a brand spanking new hybrid that her parents have been working hard on creating. If she doesn’t play well she gets flogged and gets no food. At least us ‘regular’ drummers can count on food in our stomachs and no flogging to our backs.

  7. drumboom96 Says:

    woow!fantastic cover!!

  8. superjam18 Says:

    all she needs is a little more technique development and wrist strength and she will earn her beast badge

  9. 2cfhdh1 Says:


  10. LeopoldGold1 Says:

    Discouraging? Hell, I’m gonna practice more! This 7 year old won’t be able to touch me on the drums!! Ha,ha! Seriously, this is cool as hell to see. She’s gonna be on the cover of Modern Drummer soon!! It’s funny she’s playing this well and there are people putting up videos who are way older and can’t keep a beat, yet think they’re great.

  11. kbarwell Says:


  12. Boomachucka Says:

    This kid is going to be absolutely ridiculous by the time she’s a teenager, and probably a pro musician by 20.

  13. Kraeezeu Says:

    if she is gonna change her musical orientation, she is gonna be famous in about 8 years

  14. alexeydrummer Says:


  15. inri12 Says:

    She Does Better Fills Thann I Do! xD

  16. YamahaXS71 Says:

    And she a girl!!! Wheeeeewwwwww

  17. 2cfhdh1 Says:

    THis Is Something I enjoy. Watching The Next Futur Drummers PLay Drums.

  18. philson18 Says:

    wow im in aww she will deff be beast when she grow up

  19. radexopoblete Says:

    wow amazing little girl!!

  20. mattnurin Says:

    This is my classmates cousin

  21. MultiTigerpaws Says:

    she’s awesome…………

  22. LastHourz Says:


  23. lowenddrumma Says:

    man i would love 2 endorse soultone cymbals

  24. jrockjblj Says:


  25. alexeydrummer Says:

    Wow. Is that me xD

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