60 Minutes Online Absolute Poker Scandal

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www.luvinpoker.com 60 minutes investigate Absolute Poker and online cheats.
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25 Responses to “60 Minutes Online Absolute Poker Scandal”

  1. pokerpadawan Says:

    Guess they got greedy that’s why they got caught, employees or even family members of employees for poker sites should not be allowed to play.. this is just common sense for casinos and poker sites.. because of these isolated cases, online poker sites are getting bad rep from people, especially the losers.. lost a lot of money on various sites, just lost $150 an hour ago at BlindHit.com, and i ain’t complaining or nor am i ranting that these sites are rigged..

  2. 24magiccarrot Says:

    @defect530 Its a completley different game playing for points or free rolls than it is playing for money, but points/freerolls is a good way to start if you want to learn the game, but people play differently when they don’t have anything to lose. People chase draws and make hero calls they otherwise would never make.

    If you do want to start out for free your best to find an online poker school that offer free start up bankrolls to help you start out.

  3. papichulobumber1 Says:

    lets be fair, everbody who would get the ability to see the hole cards would use that ability. I would, i just wouldve been a bit more carefull.

  4. teamkillers755 Says:

    @crocfme haha long and hard

  5. teamkillers755 Says:

    @crocfme lol long and hard

  6. JimmyBluffet67 Says:

    @24magiccarrot What you need to do is go give blow jobs to homos and that will build your bank roll……..you fucking faggot. I would own your ass at the table

  7. staphinfection Says:

    Idiots…. GREEDY idiots.

    If you have this capability, loss hands often enough so that you don’t get caught.

  8. 24magiccarrot Says:

    @24magiccarrot. I’m a tournament player
    mainly multi tabling Sit N Go’s
    I’m only playing $20 buy
    ins at the minute but I’m slowly building up
    my bankroll, I’m hoping to turn pro in the
    next year over the past few months
    I’ve been averaging about $80 an hour
    but I want to get some money at
    the back of me for some insurance in
    case it goes wrong.

    (also my bankroll took a hit last month
    I played rush poker whilst drunk
    and lost about $500 in about an hour
    I’ll never make that mistake again)

  9. Yamakashi1 Says:

    @24magiccarrot nah man , i think i was answering somebody. it was a question directed at smbody ,u see?

    anyways, what limit do u play

  10. 24magiccarrot Says:

    @Yamakashi1 Actually you can, cause I do? If your not winning from online poker over the long run your doing something wrong not the software people are always looking for something to blame other than themselves.

    Trust me the more right decisions I make in a month the more money I make in a month.

    However it did take a lot of years a lot of mistakes and a lot of losses to figure out how to do it but it is possible, just because its not easy doesn’t mean its not possible.

  11. casio124478 Says:

    Take UK fruit machines. The programmers purposely put leaks into the code that allow cheats to empty them.

    They type a code or make a certain move and jackpot rolls in.

    Nothing stops these human made programs of online ‘poker’ to code in all kinds of sick, profit increasing crap, from rigged action hands which anyone with HEM can see at FTP, to built in house players that can earn some extra on the side.

    Any site regulated by the Kawanake, people are mad to trust their money with them.

  12. crocfme Says:

    @crocfme Too slow on this one, weren’t you?

  13. crocfme Says:

    It was the players, not the sites that exposed this scam……..Just think about that, think long and hard about it………

  14. kangol12323 Says:

    the people that make poker software are 12-14 year tech majors or some shit like that…theres no way for scripted code to get caught. scripted such as fake people so your playing the computer…..in the old software u could find fake players by searching them when u lose shady hands. there making millions of dollars an hour…all the pros benefit from it. play live poker and u will c how much more u will win

  15. Yamakashi1 Says:

    u cant beat online poker?

  16. trickmast Says:

    No it’s not, they could have made it less obvious, that may have been slightly smart.

  17. Rickwright0001 Says:


  18. Hajboya3 Says:

    his name is Russ Hamilton!

    hes one of the main guys iinvolved and to add insult to injury he WAS a champion in the 1994 WSOP…

    no champion in my eyes of course
    he stole a good portion of the money from Mike Matusow .

  19. alexdeburgess Says:

    i vote a bigger site paid them to get caugh so people would go to the safer sites. thye woudlnt be too stupid to get caught

  20. kinglanky93 Says:

    Theres nothing that can be done legally. The sites should have just found out who the cheaters were and out them to the poker community. Thats how you handle poker cheaters. out em and let the players handle it from there. And there’s a good chance somebody is gonna get hurt. But thats what they get.

  21. Donkeyhawk Says:

    I’ll murk that fat motherfucker who was cheating if soeone payed me like 10 g’s

  22. crocfme Says:

    When will people wake up? If it hapenned here; its hapenning everywhere.
    Anything online can be hacked.

  23. outragedthrone Says:

    thats not true lex u can’t cheat me in a casino poker. i know the game reall well, thats y i stoped playing for reall money online unless it’s with my friends

  24. PartyGamingPlc Says:

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  25. koans808 Says:

    This is the smartest scandal ever.

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