How To Use Poker Face To Your Advantage

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How To Use Poker Face To Your Advantage

Poker Face is a popular song of Lady Gaga.  However, it is more popular as a terms pokers.  Poker face is originally used for players who can hide the strength or weakness of their poker hand because of this meaningless facial expression.

In this article, we will discuss why players think that having this impassive expression helps players win in the real money poker.

We already know that a poker face is a facial expression.  An expression that is blank or passive. Why is this passive facial expression important?  We will answer this question and will likewise discuss some other poker strategies in this article.

Why is poker face important?

The answer to this question is simple.  A poker face is a blank and passive facial expression.  Thus, your opponents in a poker table will hardly know if the action you take is a result of a strong or weak hand.

Many novice players cannot use poker face in their game because they have not mastered how to conceal their emotions.  Thus, with a weak hand, they tend to frown and take a long time to decide on their next action on the table.  This expression is already sending a message to your opponents that you have a weak card and thus, it is easy for them to play your card to your disadvantage.

However, if you have already learned the strategy called deception, you may show weakness with a strong hand.  Thus, when your opponents decide that your hand is weak because of your deceptive expression, this will be profitable for you.

They say that using the poker face technique is superior but deception in the real money poker can be quite fatal to your opponents’ bankroll.

For this reason, learning how to use a poker face on your poker gaming is important in addition to understanding the opponents playing style.

Poker Strategies: Poker Tells and Poker Tilt

In a real money poker, you will also hear the words Poker Tells and Poker Tilt.  While these two does not have anything to do with a poker face, they are poker strategies.

On the other side of the coin, they are likewise faults on the poker table, which needs to be avoided especially by new poker players.

To further clarify, it was mentioned above that showing weakness with a strong hand is deception in action.

Poker tells is an action usually expressed unintentionally by a poker player that shows off his hand.  An example of a poker tells is when a player shows some arrogance in placing his bet and quickness in raising the bet.  This is an indication of a strong hand.  Usually, you will see a poker tell from new players who have not learned the power of a poker face and deception.

Poker Tilt on the other hand is a result of anger and frustration where players tend to make mistakes in their game because of their emotion.  This usually results in a wrong decision, which they would not have done so if they were in their right frame of mind.

Going back to deception, if players have used poker tells and poker tilt to conceal the strength of their hand, they can be dangerous.

There are ways to manage your emotion on a poker table.  This is to ensure that you will not be the cash cow of players on the field.

Poker face is effective if used properly.  It may make you win and may also increase the pot to your advantage.  Learn how to use a poker face to your gaming advantage and surely, you will not only play online real money pokers well, you will also play online real money pokers profitably.

In a brick and mortar casino, practicing a poker face is necessary.  Online however, it may only be poker tells and poker tilts will be important.

To help you with some online tips and techniques, you can hop on to  It is an play real money poker resource with helpful tips and strategies on playing poker online.

You do not need to go to brick and mortar casino, play real money poker gaming is helpful but of course, if you have the funds and the means to play in a brick and mortar casino, you can always use the learning you get online to play online real money pokers profitably.  Practice your poker face, you may be able to use it anytime soon.

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Free Online Poker Games Are Limited

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Free Online Poker Games Are Limited

A beginner who still has no idea about a real money poker or how to strategize when playing a real money poker can try out free real money real money pokers to improve their skills. Playing on the free real money real money pokers available on real money poker websites in the Internet will be a good way to be able to get use to the real money real money poker software.

The free real money real money pokers are fun to play by itself. Players or gamblers, however, have to be cautious and ware when playing on free real money real money pokers. They must remind themselves that playing on free real money real money pokers will not totally cover the whole experience of playing real money real money pokers.

Playing in free real money real money pokers is playing real money poker without money to spend. Players or gamblers must realize that playing without any money at risk and offered on the line will detract the player or gambler from the spirit of the real money poker.

A simple reason can be offered regarding this, playing on free real money real money pokers offers no financial incentives to the player or players.

Playing on free real money real money pokers eliminates and forgets the skill portion of the game. Bluffing techniques also do not work in free real money real money pokers. Players or gamblers simply have to reason out on why they should fold on an all-in when they can call because they are playing with fake money.

players or gamblers playing on free real money real money pokers have no worries regarding calling off bad bets since they have no money to spend. They risk nothing, which is a very important factor in playing real-time real money real money pokers.

In free real money real money pokers, the real money poker turns into a random game, while the best poker cards will usually win at every hand instead of a win by the best player.

Comments On Free Online Poker Games

The arguments presented above regarding free real money real money pokers must not be confused to mean that playing in free real money real money pokers offers no benefits of improvement to the player or gambler.

Free real money real money pokers were offered so beginners or novices will not have to spend too much money playing at real time real money poker rooms. As time goes by, players or novices who have little experience may now take the risk to play at real time real money poker rooms or buy actual chips and play at actual casino real money poker rooms.

It is far from possible that a beginner or novice will be a better player if he sticks to playing at free real money real money pokers. A player or gambler needs to feel the real thing. More than the know how of playing real money pokers, a player or gambler must be able to feel what the actual real money pokers rub off from a beginner or novice. It makes them more fearless and will prompt them to take more risks in the near future.

A player must remember that at real time actual real money real money poker tables, a beginner or novice will not have the slightest idea who his opponents will be. A free public table is like a box of chocolates where in a player will never know what he will get.

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Online Poker ? a Safe Game

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Online Poker ? a Safe Game

If you need to combine a form of entertainment with an opportunity of making money, the means are now widely available. If you have a PC and a connection to the Internet, you will find one such great source of entertainment with play real money poker.

All over the world, the frequency with which casinos are created increases, so why not move to a bigger field of play, i.e. the online virtual space? Online poker is exceptionally popular both among professionals and among amateur poker players. Free play real money poker sites give players the chance to play day and night.

The number of websites where you can play free play real money poker is impressive. However, not all of them are safe and you need to make sure that you do not leave personal details, such as bank account details, before you make sure the site is safe. This doesn’t mean that all of them are dangerous. Most of the play real money poker websites are licensed and regulated.

How do you play? Usually, this type of websites displays complete information on how you can play free play real money poker, and you can even find about the rules of the game in general. There is also an age limit, which can be 18 years old or the legal maturity age in your jurisdiction.

After you register, you start playing the game with other play real money poker players. The winner of each hand is the player with the strongest combination of cards, using both community cards and pocket cards. The game is played on most sites in the Texan version, where the order of power of the combination is this, with the strongest one first: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, Highest Card.

Poker, like many other professions and pass-times has developed its own terminology, terms which are separate from common terms pokerss and are specific for play real money poker. For example, Away-from-table, which means that in tournaments you don’t “sit out”, but rather you may be away-from-table, or even though you are dealt into every hand, you post blinds when it’s your turn, and when there is a raise before the flop, or a bet after the flop you fold.

When you want to play free play real money poker, your operating system needs also to comply with several requirements in order to be able to download the software necessary to play. An online game will develop without interruptions if you have at least Windows 98, a fast processor, starting at 400 MHz, with a memory of 128 RAM; the screen resolution must be set at 800 by 600 pixels or more with 16 bit and at least 30 Mb of free space on your disk.

What makes this game more attractive is the possibility of winning a prize, even if you don’t have to put in a starting amount. At Single table tournament, you have to buy your place at the table, but the money goes to the prize, so if you consider that you have the necessary skills to beat other players, maybe as good as or even better than you, you can take the chance and win easy money and have fun in the same time.

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Home And Away Matilda, Ric, Lucas And Belle Play Strip Poker

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Home And Away Matilda,Ric,Lucas,And Belle Playin Strip Poker
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The lord of poker software review ? The only 100% Legal Online Poker Bot For PokerStars Software

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The lord of poker software review ? The only 100% Legal Online Poker Bot For PokerStars Software

Looking for a legal poker bot for Pokerstars?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to calculate your opponent’s hands like a robot?  The lord of poker software download is a passive program or “poker bot” that watches you and other players “play” in an play online poker room.  Very similar to artificial intelligence.  This state of the art poker bot aids you during game play by calculating the “win” odds of your hand in a poker room.  It’s literally like having a poker pro by your side.

Click this link The Lord Of Poker Software to download now it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

This type of information to have on the other players is phenomenal.   Playing poker is very similar to battle, in that it takes strategy, cunning and a little bit of luck.  Using The Lord Of Poker Software is like having a nuclear weapon in your arsenal – and your opponent not knowing.  That’s the power of this poker bot.

The Lord Of Poker software is a poker bot for Poker Stars and Full Tilt poker and is designed to only work with those 2 sites.  Both of which allow players from the United States to join in their poker rooms.

I do not have any videos of me personally using the software because I do not want to risk any of my accounts being banned.  What I can tell you is that my game has improved exponentially!  I have been making money and have done a test withdrawal of ,000 USD all within a 3 weeks of starting my account.  I noticed that the more time I dedicated to playing play online poker with the Lord of Poker software, the more money I win.

Download the software now – It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Free Online Poker Strategy Guide To How To Move All-In

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Free Online Poker Strategy Guide To How To Move All-In

Moving all-in is the most serious of all manoeuvres in poker be it free play online poker or high stakes games. The accepted wisdom is that you should only move all-in with hands that have a chance to beat the most common all-in Big Hands like AK and AQ. 

This is because these are the hands also most prepared to call. Which hands, then, are we willing to put our tournament life on? Pocket pairs spring to mind. So does A-K (or A-Q or even K-Q suited or K-J suited if you are running out of chips) 

But someone does it differently. I’d like to add that here; player B is usually an impatient, rowdy player who is familiar to us TV poker fans. 

BLINDS 12k/24k

A has Ad-Kd raises 75k 

A’s raise is just standard for A-K suited, though it is slightly stronger (the average preflop raise is about 2.5x the big blind, but this raise is a little more than thrice). But look at B’s move, which might be less standard: 

B has 10c-5c moves all-in 544k 

How about that: a 10-5? With about 22 big blinds left, which is relatively a short-stack (but not so short), B moves all-in. However with a 10-5? B can wait for slightly better hands than this. 

Now let us try to justify the 10-5 in this situation. If B did it with a small pair, he is a slight favourite (about 55-45). If with A-x (with x smaller than a King), he is a significant underdog (about 75-25). 

With any two cards except Ace or King, he is a less significant underdog (about 66-34). So with the win-rate of 10-5 against Ace King (B deciding that A’s hand is Ace King or alike is a gamble; if he is up against Ace Ace then he is a serious underdog at about 85-15) is simply the average of the win rate of a pocket pair against Ace King and the win rate of A-x against A-K, and as such not too nasty. 

Moreover, with 10c-5c B has two live cards, compared with A-x, where x is the only live card. Moreover, B may dislike having 22 big blinds dwindle to, say, 15 or 14 later, so he decides to put his heart and soul into this hand. Who is this player, anyway? “I’ve got a 10-5, boys and girls.” Yes it’s true, the garrulous Mike Matusow! “The Mouth!”

A calls 469k (Pot 1.124m) 

Now let us observe how “The Mouth” will fare against all odds. 

FLOP: Js-7c-5s 

“That’s a Flop!” A Five fell, pairing Matusow! 

TURN: Js-7c-5s-8d 

RIVER: Js-7c-5s-8d-6d 

Moving all-in can end up being one of the most dangerous moments in poker. Even in free play online poker it can also be the most thrilling, anyway. The all-in recharged Matusow’s stack to 45 big blinds. 

This unconventional play is not exploitable forever, anyway. When Matusow believed that A has A-K or similar, he is gambling. 

Most players will call with pocket pairs but I doubt in this case that A will call with less than 10-10. 

Against A-A or K-K or a higher pair, 10-5 will win only about 15% of the time, and with 10-10 to 5-5, about 25%, and with 4-4 to 2-2, nearly a coin flip.

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A Brief History Of Online Poker

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A Brief History Of Online Poker

Online Poker is without a doubt one of the most convenient and easiest ways to play online real money pokers being that you never have to leave your house and you can bring the feel of Vegas into your house and never change out of your pajamas. While it may not hold the same excitement as traditional face to face casinos it is still convenient none the less.

Poker has been around for almost 200 years and it’s no secret that the recent online version of poker is a phenomenon. It has certainly without a doubt changed the face of poker and how poker is played and to this day continues to boom with players and activity. It was around the mid 1990′s that online sports books were showing up along with the launch of some online casinos.

The first operational online casino was developed in 1994 by a major online casino software supplier called Microgaming. Although, this was released in 1994, it wasn’t until 1998 that the first online poker room was brought on to the internet and established. The very first online poker room was named Planet Poker and not long after it’s launch became a relatively small poker room but still enjoyed it’s time as the only sole poker room playable online.

Many other poker rooms copied it’s structure with a rake structure set at %5 and up to a max rake. While the industry constantly and drastically changed since 1998, it’s no surprise that the rake structure has remained consistent and for the most part, the same.

Around 1999, Paradise Poker was introduced onto the web and in no time at all became a top industry leader and it was also around this time that a successful poker player named Dutch Boyd developed the online poker firm called Poker Spot. Poker Spot was launched in May of 2000 and it was the very first online poker room to offer tournaments to it’s players in September.

In 2004, Online Poker drastically boomed because of increasing popularity and demand for online poker rooms and it was because of virtual playing tables that the industry’s revenues skyrocketed. When new firms such as Full Tilt Poker and Noble poker were introduced, the industry saw even more entry from new players skyrocketing profits even higher.

Today, many major successful online poker firms are considering becoming public companies. It was in October 2004 that a company called Sportingbet purchased Paradise Poker for almost 300 million dollars. Now there are many online poker rooms that are candidates for public offerings as the value of poker rooms continues to climb higher and higher.

Poker took the online world by storm almost as much as cell phones when they were first introduced. Online Poker rooms offered so many things that a live casino could not such as playing from your home and less money being risked. Online Poker is here to stay and I honestly can’t say I see it going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re a novice or beginner, Online Poker is one of the most convenient ways to play no matter who you are, whether you play for fun or for real money.

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Poker Girl

January 21, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Pretty Girls Playing Poker Actors:Jeff Woodhead,Daniel McGuire, Brooke Eaton, Hope McCurdy, Lorraine Szczesny, Jessica Grey, Renee Johnson-Mcguire, Jason Mielke, Steve Kusaba, DEATH, Amelia Podhorskevsky-Axelmachina
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Online Poker Software: an Important Consideration for Playing Online Poker

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Online Poker Software: an Important Consideration for Playing Online Poker

When you select an real money poker room for playing poker, the most important thing that you have to consider is the type of real money poker software used by that site. Online poker is a very popular game today among the gambling players from around the world.

While you are playing an real money real money poker with players whose body language is invisible to you, it becomes very difficult to place the right bids. If you use the right kind of real money poker software tool, you will be at an advantageous position to detect the highest bids play together with the reaction time.

The design of the real money poker software is essentially important for a novice player. It helps in following the game properly. Not only that, it also helps in analyzing various kinds of movements on the real money poker playing table. You have to make sure that the graphics used are alright having special features and also the sound effects are fine.

An real money poker software tool is basically made by professional people as it includes a set of programs. The programs have to be designed in such a way so that the players can effectively play the game online by sitting right at their home. To have a better gaming experience, choosing the right software becomes very important.

Some of the best real money poker software includes names like Texas Hold’Em Assistant, Frugal Gambler Video Poker Teacher, Dave O’Brien’s Smoke’em Poker, All Video Poker for Palm OS, iPoker, IRC Poker, and Wilson Software Turbo Poker. There are a number of free real money poker software tools in the market today.

One thing that you need to see while choosing particular real money poker software is whether the games can be played smoothly or not. You must consider its playability. You should be able to play the real money poker without any kind of interruption. Another important thing that you need to make sure of is whether the poker room can host big poker tournaments or not.

Other than the above, check the statistics as well as the serviceability of the interface in real money poker software. The real money poker software tools are available on the basis of specific requirements of the real money poker players. There are also cases where the real money poker rooms have their own proprietary software.

Poker chart software program are also available that provides graphs and keeps a track of the performance history of a player’s poker career.

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Party Poker – Online Poker tournaments at Party Poker

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Party Poker – Online Poker tournaments at Party Poker

Party poker strategy should be developed so that one will learn who plays fair or who the sharper player is. By defining them, one can easily deal with them. Party poker – carefully study each player’s move so you will prevent loss in your cards. Playing party poker free online is very much different than playing plain Poker in a room. The strategies and odds change suddenly once one starts playing online Poker after playing the normal version of Poker. But the comfort levels are high and for a few even the chances of winning become higher. Party poker has the fundamental Poker rules, though it may be different in some rooms. Generally, Party poker starts with a batch of two players situated at the left of the “dealer button.” Party poker dealer buttons refers to the round disc being passed on clockwise on each player. It signifies who will be dealer in the event that the deal was move forward from one player to another.

Absolute Poker is an online poker catering service that provides a comprehensive service that permits players to participate only in tournaments and competitions. The poker mechanism found in Absolute Poker is very easy to comprehend due to the simple environment and interaction found in the playing environment. Absolute Poker presents many tournament formats including ladder formats and table by table eliminations. Aside from that, Absolute Poker also offers a simple sit and go format, which allows friends and acquaintances to transfer from one table to another.

Freerolls are a great way to get a feel for online cards and not retrograde some money. In short, a freerolls is a tournament. In addition, cards freerolls are free Texas Holdem cards tournaments with change prizes. Some freerolls require that you use “player points” to participate, or that you hit at sometime made a deposit with that particular cards room. Freerolls cards tournaments are fast becoming the smart online cards player’s choice when it comes to winning free money – without finance some of your money. The beauty of online cards freerolls is that as soon as you sign up to become a member, you can play modify before you deposit some money. There are plenty of cards freerolls to opt from. Most of the major cards sites online hit daily cards freerolls so you can play several every day. The standard of competition varies a lot between the freerolls; some of the bigger ones hit good players and are hard to win. Online cards freerolls do not attract top players for the simple fact that the prize money does not make it worth their while to sit for three hours.

Online poker is gaining popularity nowadays, since people worldwide play in a variety of casinos and Online poker rooms. When playing a poker game online, betting is an aspect that should be handled wisely.

Online poker if you are the first player to bet, and if you bet an amount within the betting limits of that particular poker game, then that amount will go into the pot. Online poker when call option is chosen, the players bet in such a way to equal the total amount that has been bet. Online poker for raise option, initially, the players bet enough to match the amount that has been bet by another player, and later raise another bet amount. In fold option, if one drops out of the current hand, he loses any chance of winning the pot. Betting structures are usually based on limits that have been imposed for each bet in the game. Depending on the betting strategies, online poker games are broadly classified into fixed-limit games, pot limit games, and no limit games.

Poker tournaments can be played from the comfort of the player’s home. Players can participate in these tournaments by registering on the websites ( that host them. Usually, there are moderators who organize and monitor these online poker tournaments. Typically, players and moderators meet in a private chat room before the commencement of a game. During these online pre-game meetings, the organizers brief players about the poker tournaments rules and regulations. Online poker tournaments can also be played free of cost. The main purpose of offering free online poker tournaments is to attract people to the websites ( that organize such tournaments. It is expected that over a period of time, a considerable number of first-time online players who have registered for these tournaments would continue to become permanent members who take part in the paid tournaments.

The ultimate bet is certainly one of the most innovative creations of online poker. You can be assured of it can provide you with the most exciting game you could ever play online. It is endorsed by well known professional pokers players. The endorsement is really an achievement for its developers.

Full tilt – It’s online poker room was designed by world class poker professionals, and offers you the ability to learn, chat, and play online poker with the pros. If you can find it in a poker room, you can probably find it at Full Tilt Poker.

Poker Stars is the largest online poker room in the world, with massive action at all stakes and skill levels. It’s the place to go for tournaments, with the world’s largest guarantees, an impressive 24/7 schedule and excellent software. Poker Stars also sponsors some of the world’s most famous poker players, who you can find at the tables to play or chat with. Poker Stars is excited to host the best multi-table online poker tournaments and satellites anywhere on the Internet! Online poker tournaments are elimination games that are normally played until one player has all the chips.

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