Lady Gaga-Poker Face (Original Version)

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Lady Gaga – Alejandro – New Single!!! Lady Gaga-Poker Face Mum mum mum mah Mum mum mum mah I wanna hold em’ like they do in Texas, please Fold em’ let em’ hit me, raise it baby, stay with me Luck and intuition play the cards with spades to start And after he’s…
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Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Great Strategy

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Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Great Strategy

Texas Holdem is a fantastically fun game. You can play it in so many different ways it is not funny. Some way are more effective than others.

Sometimes new players win a lot by luck, sometimes seasoned players lose a lot with sheer bad luck. But time and time again it is proven that a hardy and successful Texas Poker strategy will stand the test of the long-term and come out profitable, no matter the ups and downs from luck.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #1 – Aggression

Always look for a Texas Poker strategy that incorporates aggression. Aggression, and being aggressive, is one of the most fundamental requirements of being successful playing poker.

Playing passive, calling and checking too often just don’t cut it in todays day and age. You need to be betting to convey strength and confidence. If you find a Texas Poker strategy that doesn’t involve aggression I would ignore it.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #2 – Simplicity

The next thing I look for in a Texas Poker strategy is simplicity. I don’t like complex things, maybe it’s because I’m not very smart I don’t know, but the simpler the better for me. Just give me some basic set of rules and I’ll follow them to the dot.

Of course, I always season and flavor whatever strategy I have with my own knowledge and experience, but I’ll never completely veer of course. I’ve found it is a lot easier to stick to a strategy and stay successful when the Texas Poker strategy is very simple to follow.

Texas Poker Strategy Tip #3 – It Actually Works

With that being said, if I am following the strategy to the dot and repeatedly doing what it says and I am losing, I’m likely to just throw it out the window. There is a certain point you’ll get to and this will happen.

Now, this can be a little misleading because sometimes when you find and start using a new Texas Poker strategy you won’t have that much success with it. That’s because you haven’t had the time to learn and practice it to do it perfectly. But you should start seeing at least some results. If after a long time it isn’t working, chuck it and get a new one.

Now, think about how it would feel to have a completely successful and easy to implement Texas Poker strategy that worked every time. You are feeling relaxed and confident that you can win very easily. Imagine having a few ups and downs but over the long term actually making money consistently.

This is the type of Texas Poker strategy you want. They are out there, you can find it. I urge you to continue your quest to find the best strategy for you. And never pass up an opportunity to learn some new information or a new strategy. You never know, it might be the thing that changes your life.

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Advanced Poker Strategy – How To Easily Incorporate Tells Into Your Game

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Advanced Poker Strategy – How To Easily Incorporate Tells Into Your Game

Utilising poker tells is an advanced poker strategy that most people don’t understand. I’m going to explain this in an easy to learn manner.

Now I am going to reveal an advanced poker strategy trick on how to pick up on and identify Holdem tells. Holdem tells are the little things other players do to give away what cards they have, or what actions they are going to do.

It’s advisable to incorporate poker tells into your advanced poker strategy because this is a crucial area of any good Holdem poker strategy. Whether you are playing a full table or heads up Holdem you need to be able to have some idea of how to read another player to get some more info out of them.

Advanced Poker Strategy – Types Of Poker Tells

There are two main types of Holdem tells.

1) Involuntary. These are actions and tells that the opponent doesn’t realise he is doing
2) Voluntary. These are actions and tells that the opponent is doing on purpose to try to throw you off.

Your advanced poker strategy should be built around the more useful one:

Advanced Poker Strategy – Involuntary Tells

Involuntary tells can consist of any number of things which may give away what cards the opponent likely has and how they are playing. There is an extremely long list so I’ll go over the main ones.

- Facial Expressions

Facial expressions can consist of anything from forehead to chin wrinkling, eye movements, squinting and widening eyes, concentration expressions to name a few. The main point about facial expressions is many times people don’t realise they are doing them.

We express almost every single emotion and thought that goes through out heads on our faces, and 99% of the time we have no idea we are doing it. That’s why learning how to read peoples faces is one of my favourite Texas Holdem lessons. If you want to learn more, go and research FACS (Facial Action Coding System)
- Body Movements and Posture

The next most major area is a participants body movements and posture. Are they leaning forward or relaxed back? Are their arms crossed, open, fists clenched, arms shaking? Do they shrug their shoulders down or are they open? Body movements are also a major area where people do them and don’t actually know.

The brain will automatically put the body into the best position for a particular job. So if someone feels they are being attacked and need to defend the body will cross itself (arms and legs) in an effort to “block” the attacks. This is just one example, there are a million more.

Like when you aren’t confident you will slump your shoulders and move/look towards the floor. If you are confident you open up and move/look up. If you are nervous you will sweat or shake. Anger is usually a fist and tension throughout the body. If you want to learn more, go and research body language.

Incorporate Holdem Tells Into Your Advanced Poker Strategy Today

Being able to identify and read the different Holdem tells is crucial to any solid advanced poker strategy. The extra information you can get from a player just from watching them carefull can make all the difference to your decisions and outcomes of the game. If I had a dollar for every time I saw something and it helped me win…

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The Different Variations of the Game of Poker

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The Different Variations of the Game of Poker

While Texas Hold’Em and Omaha are the most popular games of poker, there are many variations of the real money poker played all over the world and in casinos. There are several variations of both Texas Hold’Em and Omaha as well.


The three variations of Texas Hold’Em are limit, pot limit and no limit. The rules remain the same for all three. The difference in the games is the betting limits. In limit Texas Hold’Em, each player can only bet a maximum of four times during any one hand. These are:


* Bet


* Raise


* Re-raise


* Cap (this is the final bet)


In No limit Texas Hold’Em, the amount a player raises has to be equal to or more than a previous raise in the same round. The maximum amount any player can raise is the size of the chip stack. In the pot limit variation of the game the raise amount has to be equal to or greater than the previous raise in the same round. However, the size of the pot is the total of the active pot plus the amounts of all the bets on the table.


In Omaha poker, each player receives four cards from the dealer instead of two, as in Texas Hold’Em. This difference makes Omaha a very different game. Sometimes players will not have anything in their hands and have to rely on making winning combinations with the flop cards. You can use two of the cards to make a low combination, which consists of cards eight or below. A high hand will consist of cards eight or above.


Pineapple poker falls in between Texas Hold’Em and Omaha. One variation of this game is often called Crazy Pineapple. The dealer deals out three cards to each player and they must choose one of these to discard. Then they use the five cards the dealer turns over in the flop, the turn and the river to make winning combinations with the two cards they choose to keep. In regular Pineapple poker, the discard occurs before the flop and in Crazy Pineapple, the discard takes place after the flop.


Stud is another real money poker that has many variations. Seven card stud is the one most often played in casinos, whereas Seven Card Stud High-Low is played in tournaments. In the casino version, each player receives two cards dealt face down. The fourth, fifth and sixth cards are dealt to each player but they face upwards so that all the other players can see them. Then the seventh card is dealt face down. The players can use any of the cards to make a winning hand of five cards, but in the high-low version the winning hand must be eight or better.


Five Card Draw is a very common real money poker. In this game, the dealer deals five cards to each player, who then choose to keep some, all or none of the cards. There is a second dealing round in which they receive more cards to make up a hand of five. They then place their bets based on their hand or if they have a losing hand they fold. In order to receive the second cards, players have to place an ante, which is decided at the start of the game. The betting starts after all players receive their second cards.


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Water Boat Poker Video Tips: How to Play With 1BB (#26)

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Online online poker sensation water boat (gder01) plays a highstakes sit n go. He gets into some trouble right off the bat, and shows you how to play a short stack. Learn how to play online poker with an erection, and how to win more pots and make crazy bluffs. Omgclayaiken Durrr Phil Golfond Tom Dwan WPT final table WSOP PAD online poker after darkyoung kid teaches people how to build chip leads fast, as well as what to eat in order to prosper in online poker. Part one of my latest online online poker video, I play an MTT, and 9 handed SNG and a HU SNG. If you like online poker chip tricks view my other video with Pokemon music in it. Keywords: Online Poker. Rigged in the butt. Play the LAGy way. And you will bang chicks all day. Phil Ivey David Benyamine Patrik Antonius (so sexy) None of these jokers have the skill to beat all stakes. Watch and learn from a true online online poker pro. Biggest Pot in online online poker history at the micro stakes. (And by biggest, I mean one of the biggest in a 100bb capped game) MTT SNG Tourny This guy crushes every game. David Benyamine, and Phil Ivey, all built up his bankroll. Online online poker player wins millions of dollars playing penny tables! High Stakes Poker Phil Hellmuth Ball Sack Online Poker Pro Phil Ivey Bluff Win Money Crazy Suckout HSP Song is INXS vs. E-40 – “Need U To Go” Sick remix of the E-40 song tell me when to go full tilt penis testicles

Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Strong Strategy

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Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Strong Strategy

Texas Poker Strategy – #1 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Usually, it is easier to win when you play better cards. As in cards that have a high likelihood of winning. You may not get these cards every time but you definitely want to be playing them to their maximum potential.

If you want a strong Texas Poker strategy I would rely on one where having strong cards is a major factor. There are other strategies where you can play more cards, weaker cards, etc, but this might not be the strongest strategy for you as it can often be quite hard or difficult to implement these successfully.

Texas Poker Strategy #2 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Also, it is vitally important that aggression is incorporated into whatever strategy you decide to use. Aggression makes strategies strong, or stronger if it’s already strong.

I never play any strategies that involve weird trapping plans, or weak limping and calling strategies etc. I always using strong strategies that utilize aggression and betting to maximize wins and minimize losses.

Texas Poker Strategy #3 Tip On A Strong Strategy

The third and final thing you really want to be looking out for in a strong Texas Poker strategy is that it will stand the test of time. Although there are some quick and nasty strategies that will make you money in the short term, it is much better to look for and work on a strong strategy that will always work in the future no matter what.

Although it takes a little longer in the beginning, building your strong strategy upon a solid foundation of skills and abilities will enable you to always make money playing poker. And once you get to the profitable stage it’s like no one can ever take it away from you. No one can ever take away your ability to sit down and make money playing poker. And once you have that you can imagine how great and powerful you will feel.

Think about how wonderful it would be to be able to make any money you want, to sit down at the table and be confident that you will win no matter who is playing. Imagine how you would feel. You would feel relaxed, confident and also a bit excited. You would be experiencing a sense of safety and security.

You can achieve this and become such a good poker player that you can generate money on command. The only way though is to continue to learn and educate yourself how to do it. Developing a strong Texas Poker strategy takes time and effort, but most of all education. So please, never ever turn down an opportunity to learn more about poker. Never turn down an opportunity to learn a new and better Texas Poker strategy.

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Play Poker Without Risk Of Gambling Addiction

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Play Poker Without Risk Of Gambling Addiction

Poker is a popular and exciting five-card game.  Many of your friends surely play online real money pokers for entertainment and also to while away the time.  Because of its popularity, your friends and colleagues may invite you to play online real money pokers with them.  However, issues like gambling addiction may be keeping you away from this diversion.

It may help to know that you can play online real money pokers without risk of gambling addiction.  While it needs a serious effort from your end to make sure that you will not fall victim to gambling addition, there is also a way to make sure that you will not suffer from it.

In this article, we will give helpful tip to play online real money pokers without running the risk of gambling addiction.

Of course, if you choose not to learn poker at all, it is your decision and your friends should not force you into it. However, you may miss some fun time with your friends but again it is your decision.

If in case, you want to learn how to play online real money pokers, read on.

How to play online real money pokers

Poker is a five-card game.  There will be betting and some rules to follow.

There are also several poker gaming variants and each of them have a different game play.  Poker variants are five-card draw, seven-card stud, Omaha and the most popular variant, Texas Hold’em.

All of these variants use the same poker hand ranking such as –

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Two Pairs
One Pair
High Cards

A dealer takes care of dealing the cards and after players bet, the showdown happens.

If you want a step-by-step guide in playing poker and likewise play online real money pokers for free, you can visit for some helpful poker playing tips.

Now, let us move on to how you can play online real money pokers without risk of gambling addiction.

In this case, you have to set a wagering money.  While you can play online real money pokers for free using facebook poker platform or by visiting poker sites that offer play money games, you may also want to elevate your gaming to real money games.

Thus, you have to set up a wagering budget.  This wagering budget needs to be separate from the money for the needs of your family.  This should be considered an expense that is allotted for your entertainment.

When you have this wagering budget, you should play online real money pokers games only within this budget.  Never go beyond your wagering budget and ensure that your wagering budget is an amount you will be willing to loose.

Think of this money as lost money and thus, when you play online real money pokers games you will never worry about loosing.  Thus, you will not end up running after your losses when it is not your.  Of course, when you are on a winning streak, it may help you enjoy more games so take advantage of it.

Truly, it is difficult to get away from the poker table when you are already in the game but if you are serious that you want to keep away from being a problem gambler, this you have to learn.

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How To Play Poker?

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How To Play Poker?

Poker has become the game of the day. More and more people are becoming allured by this game. It is not limited to just the casinos now, but has taken its place in the online world too. Do you wonder how some professional players play poker so successfully well? Some people think it is sheer luck. However, the truth is something else. A great deal of talent and practice goes into the making of a poker champion. Do you also wish to know how to play it? Here are some tips that can help you.

First of all, you need to understand the basics of poker. For this, you can either take help of your friends who are into the game or you can turn to the Internet – the biggest source of information. As online poker has become so popular, there are many websites that provide information on the poker basics. You should remember that it is a step-by-step procedure and you cannot start by playing Omaha poker. Learn the basics of the game to move on further.

Next, you should try your hand on learning how to play the Texas Hold’Em poker. If you have understood the concept of the game properly then it will not be tough to move on to this step. After that comes the Omaha poker. It involves more than one hand and that is why one should be good at playing one hand first, before moving on to this game. Now, when you are playing on a casino table, you should be aware of how much you should bet. To know this, you can again take help of some reliable poker websites.

Another important thing is to learn how to bluff in poker. You can learn it by three ways – watching the game carefully, playing it yourself or by reading some tips by professionals. But practicing the game will give you the confidence to actually bluff when you have the cards in your hand. You can learn the art through online poker or video poker. Some poker websites also provide you complete definitions of the poker terms.

Many books have been written on how to play poker. All you have to do is be willing and open to understanding the intricacies of the game and plunge into it. Until and unless you start playing, you will never learn the rules. It is advised that you should start playing the free online poker, so that you do not regret losing money. Also, make sure you take the game seriously otherwise you will not be a good student. Start being educated on the rules of poker and get started, keeping in mind that is a kind of gambling only – where nothing is guaranteed!

Summary: Learning poker is not everybody’s cup of tea. One needs to read and learn a lot. One should be willing to give in the time to understand the basic rules and terms of the game. The related information can be found in different poker books and some good websites dedicated to this game.

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Poker Face Girls

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Poker Face Girls

How Online Poker Stars Cheats Succeed

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How Online Poker Stars Cheats Succeed

In any computer generated game, whether it is World of Warcraft or Pac-Man, there are always cheats and hacks that can help a player further advance into the game. This same logic applies to play real money poker simply because the game itself is computer generated through a series of algorithms, subroutines and software that simulates a live game.

With that said, the question of whether play real money poker cheats exist or are even possible becomes a viable question. Since the play real money poker rooms use a software program to generate cards it is a well-documented and proven fact that these poker rooms can be easily manipulated if one knows exactly what the code of the programs are doing.

Some play real money poker cheats will purport to have the ability to predict the outcome of the cards based on the RNG (Random Number Generator), This, in reality is not entirely possible, simply because of the complexity and security implemented by the poker rooms to prevent this very action.

The real play real money poker cheats do not rely on the RNG to determine and manipulate the outcome, rather they utilize the algorithms and subroutines associated with the software in order to force wins in the play real money real money pokers. The manipulation of the algorithms is the only proven play real money poker cheats that work.

The bottom line is that, just like any other computer generated game; play real money poker can easily be cracked, hacked, or manipulated by a player who knows exactly what to look for in the code. This code is the determining factor in the outcome of the play real money real money poker, which makes it possible for anyone to win using specific play real money poker cheats.

To learn more poker cheats,Click Here to Download the Online Poker Code Crack Guide Now!

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