Limit Texas Holdem Basic Strategy Popular Game of Poker

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Limit Texas Holdem Basic Strategy Popular Game of Poker

The most popular real money poker in the world is Texas Holdem.  The game that gets the most hype and attracts the most people is No Limit Texas Holdem.  As great of a game that No Limit Texas Holdem is, there is no game that brings more respect then the higher limits of Limit Texas Holdem poker.They are both played by the same basic rules, but come with very different strategies.  The main difference is the fact that there are limits for Limit Holdem and there is not for No Limit Texas Holdem.

Unless you are playing in a very high limit game of Texas Holdem, you will have a couple common problems when you play Limit Texas Holdem. The biggest problem is that it is very hard to protect your hand.  If you are playing in a smaller stakes game, you have to worry about everyone calling every hand.  You cannot protect your big hands before the flop, because you simply cannot raise enough to do so.  That is why you have to take a different approach to the game and use a unique strategy.

In Limit Holdem, you can get in early for cheap and end up winning a hug pot later in the hand.  As the hand progresses the betting limit raises.  This makes your midgrade hands worth more in this style of poker. Your 5 6 suited and 7 8 suited are great hands in this game.  You can only get raised so much, and if you do end up hitting you will get paid off very well.  The thing about these hands is that you normally do not need to worry about protecting them, and you always have outs.

With a hand like Pocket Aces, you do not have a very good chance of improving you hand.  With all of the other players in, you are bound to get ran down.  This game affects the value of each hand that you have.  It is a lot less common to see just one pair win in Limit Holdem then t is in No Limit.  There is not much of a preflop battle.

It may sound like playing every hand is the way to go, but you still have to be discipline with your hand selection.  All of those hands that you lose add up, and you do not want to lose more then you win (obviously).  You still do not want to play with your bad hands, like K 2, 9 3, and A2.  Those are still the worst kinds of hand to play in poker.  The only difference is that in Limit Holdem, your draw hands are sometimes more valuable then your big starting hands.

Of course, AK and AA are still great hands to have in Limit Holdem; they are just not as valuable as they are with No Limit.  The main thing is to take advantage of the fact that everyone usually plays every hand at these types of games.  The other thing is that it is not very easy to bluff.  People know that they can only lose so much money on any given hand, and that gives them a sense of comfort.  Chances are that most of the time people will call you down with little to no hand.  That is a good thing for you if you do not try bluffing all the time.

Just like any other real money poker, there is a lot that goes into the strategy.  Most of it depends on the players you are playing against.  If every single player followed this strategy of Limit Texas Holdem,then it would not be a very good strategy.  The fact remains, that just like any other real money poker; us poker players rely on people that do not know what they are doing to make us successful. Please visit     Titan Poker .

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A sample of a real money play online poker training video from Learn from top online players.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Watch part 4- Stealing Blinds Big Stacking,Bubble Play, See KFE’ hole cards as he plays and discusses online real money play online poker strategy during the middle/late rounds of this sng on VegasPoker247. Online Poker tutorial

Poker Tournament Strategies – 7 Tips For Easy Success

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Poker Tournament Strategies – 7 Tips For Easy Success

#1 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Adjust your play throughout the tournament.

You must be dynamic and adopt a lot of winning styles when playing tournaments. Keep in mind the phases of the tournament and your stack size. In early games for instance, you may play loose and accumulate chips but in later round, slowing down is a safety precaution in preserving your chip lead while other players are knocking each other out.

#2 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Always be aware of the chip counts of your opponents.

This is very important in the later stages especially if you want to compare your current standing with other players. Using this information you could push someone all in or manipulate them to knock out each other.

#3 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Play the player and his stack.

If you have accumulated a lot of chips and have a big stack you still need to use your judgment and choose the good spots to attack. Take note of those players that have loosened or tightened up in order to survive to the final table.

#4 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Never leave a short stack with only one or two remaining chips when you can put him all-in .

Show no mercy! Do not underestimate your opponents, especially in the later stages of the tournament. The high limits at this stage will quickly multiply a few chips if you play badly and foolishly.

#5 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Make correct decisions when in the blinds.

Correct decisions on your blind hands will set the difference between success and failure in a tournament. Playing the blind correctly requires extreme caution and judgment.

#6 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Take advantage of tight play.

When you can see that your opponents are playing so tightly in the later phase of the tournament take advantage of this by loosening up a bit and playing aggressively.

#7 Tip For Successful Poker Tournament Strategies

Bluffing is an important weapon in No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker

If you have a lot of chips your bluffing will become very intimidating. Make sure you bluff at the right times with the right cards. You can utilise scare cards to support your façade. Never forget to take advantage of this powerful weapon in a No Limit Texas Hold Em Poker.

Now that you are aware of all of these great tips that you can use in your game, you are probably realizing how helpful new information about poker really is for your success. That is why it is vitally important you continue to look for, find, acquire, read and learn even more tips, trick and poker tournament strategies.

Because every time you take the opportunity to learn more about Texas Hold Em you will become a better poker player. And each time you turn away you will become a worse poker player.

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Advanced Hold Em Poker ? How To Dominate From The Small Blind

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Advanced Hold Em Poker ? How To Dominate From The Small Blind

Winning from the small blind is probably the hardest thing to do no matter how much of an advanced Hold Em poker player you are. This is the worst position to ever be in and you need the absolute best cards – or skill – to win.

However, it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing poker for, how well you know your odds or even how much you dedicate to poker, I know that you, like me, will be able to easily succeed from the blind with these advanced Hold Em poker tips. That’s why I know you are going to love this article once you read it completely through.

The secret to winning from the small blind is practice. However, these tips will definitely go a long way to making you more successful very fast. So before you go and take action to find more tips, more tricks and get your hands on new free poker ebooks, I want you to first think about how you are going to increase you game from the small blind in order to reduce your losses from this position.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #1

The first tip is to keenly and carefully choose your battles wisely. Even though your chance of getting good cards is the same as in any position, your chance of getting suitably strong cards whilst in the small blind is very low. This means that for the most part, you have weak, crap, useless cards in the small blind (where you need the absolute best to win).

For example, you may be able to play an A-4 from the button, but not from the small blind.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #2

The second thing to do is stop concentrating on yourself and start watching all the other players. Is anyone contesting the pot? Are the late raises valid or just blind steals? Pay keen attention to how everyone is playing because you will need this info for later.

Advanced Hold Em Poker Tip For Playing From The Small Blind #3

Now, protecting your blind by coming over the top of other players is harder when in the small blind than in the big. This is because you don’t know what the big blind is going to do, or what he likely has. However, you can take a risk and make out a big raise. If you have a strong tight image this will generally be enough to take the pot there and then because everyone thinks you will only play the best cards from the small blind.

Now you are probably aware that it is difficult to win from the small blind, but you are surely realizing how useful these tips and thoughts will be to you the next time you are playing poker.

How would it feel to easily be able to make some extra cash playing poker? Think about what you would have to do to get to this level like the information you have to find and read. Imagine opportunities for new advanced Hold Em poker tips appearing for you and taking action to read and learn these to become more successful.

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Best Online Poker Game: How to Maximize Your Poker Enjoyment by Winning

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Best Online Poker Game: How to Maximize Your Poker Enjoyment by Winning

You want the best free play online poker tips? Well, we will give you the best free play online poker tips then.

So, you are looking for the best play online real money poker? What is the best poker online game if not a game that lets you win a lot! So, here are some tips and tricks which we can reveal to you. It really isn’t the best play online real money poker that you should research on, but it should be on how to make yourself a better player.

As we mentioned in our previous article, here is a brief background regarding playing poker:

What not many best free play online poker sites will tell you is that you have to be aggressive, but not overly.

What is great about best free play online poker sites is that you are not limited by the physical aspect of a game room. You can play online real money pokers late at night or at the crack of early dawn. You can play online real money pokers challenging a machine or challenging, say, a Russian on the other side of the globe. You can bet virtual money on Internet gaming sites or if you have improved your game, you can even bet real money and play with other big time gamblers.

In the world of virtual play online poker, you can find a person with the same handicap as you.

Lastly, you do not have to lose a lot of money. Gambling is only sad if you do not have control. With play online poker, choosing the right poker site can make you enjoy the game and make a little money (or a lot of money), but never really come home bankrupt. Why? You can always shut down your computer, stop playing and take a breather. That is harder to do in real life.

The Best Online Poker Game Rooms

In our calculation, there are around 200 play online poker rooms. That is the number of legitimate poker sites that are vying for your attention. One of the largest, dubbed the best play online poker site, has more than 40,000 players playing at the same time at the hours when it is busiest! Can you imagine the dynamics of that site? It is amazing, definitely busy but extremely fun. If you are great at poker, you can even make enough cash to go on a shopping spree online.

As you know, there are varying types of real money pokers. Some of these are Texas Hold Em, 7-card stud, Omaha high and Omaha Eight. There is also a fruity real money poker variation called the Pineapple. Ever played Razz? What about Triple Draw or 5-card Draw?

Choose a type of real money poker you want and be the best you can be. Use one of the 200 Internet sites as your playground and practice hard. When you are good, (I like Texas Hold’em) then that’s when you play for money so that you can enter a tournament and win. Good luck with your game!

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Doubles Poker Championship: Episode 4

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DOUBLES POKER CHAMPIONSHIP, premiered, August 14 at 9:00pm (ET/PT) and is a dramatic new 13-week television series from POKER PROductions that highlights the action at the recent Doubles Poker Championship at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The buy-in for this tournament was a hefty 000 per player. Thirty-two of the top professional real money play online poker players in the world competed as two-person teams that shared each hand, with million in first-place prize money awarded to the winning team. Among those who competed were big name stars Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan, David Benyamine, Annie Duke, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, and Jennifer Harman. Poker player/fashion model Lacey Jones serves as the series’ host.

Poker Players are They Optimistic Playing Poker

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Poker Players are They Optimistic Playing Poker

The latter of course! It is necessary to go into a game with the feeling of confidence in yourself while installing fear into your opponent. The difficulty with play real money poker is that your opponent cannot sense any fear by looking you in the eye… they must develop a way of reading your style of play to ascertain if you are optimistic, confident or fearful.

As the heart of Englishness was ripped out of the country’s chest recently when Croatia knocked England out of the European Football Championships to be held next year in Austria, you could sense the nation’s frustration and picture the drooping mouths and sad faces as part of the UK’s National Heritage was again destroyed before everyone’s eyes.

Humiliating defeat, made worse by the fact that England invented the damn sport, was always on the cards. We as Englishmen should be used to it by now, recalling previous World Cups and other sporting tournaments.

However, while there was an air of optimism around the country, someone clearly forgot to explain to the player’s that the air of optimism was emanating from the fans watching, and didn’t mean that the players themselves should be complacent, leaving their playing abilities in the changing rooms prior to the game.

Optimism is very much a part of who we are as people. It is what makes us fight on when the going gets rough, press on in the heat of battle, and would probably have enabled our players to have a little hope in their hearts as they entered the playing field. Complacency however, can easily accompany optimism and this is where we Englishmen in particular fall down.

Optimism in life allows us to enter many situations with the feeling that the outcome will result favourably. So whether it’s a game of football or a real money poker, we must always believe that we are going to win, it’s the only way to install some element of hope and fight inside us, coupled with the added element of putting more fear into your opponent.

Playing poker of course cannot be compared to playing football, but poker players like most other sporting contestants enter into a game in the hope that they will win money. Going into a game with a negative attitude or looking like they are going to lose even before the game begins is not the way to approach poker, nor other games for that matter.

According to one play real money poker site, poker players are positive people in nature. They have high levels of expectation and optimism. 64% of those surveyed by Juega Poker Ya responded saying that they felt they were positive and confident people who always looked on the bright side of life.

Of those 64%, many said that they felt having a positive outlook brought positive results. Being confident going into a game often brought out positive and some times more aggressive poker play, with good results. During key moments in a real money poker your ability to remain positive and confident helps you think and make mathematical decisions more easily.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that positive thinking helps release endorphins into the body which give you a ‘feelgood’ factor. Of course it is not always a good idea to let your opponents sense your character during a real money poker, but surely being confident you will win is a good thing.

Of course it is difficult to sense an opponent’s feelings or thoughts during play real money poker play, and this is an advantage for many newcomers. However, the more regularly you play, the more your style of play will be picked up by experienced players.

So while you can go into an play real money real money poker feeling optimistic, make sure you do not get complacent and think you have won before the cards have been dealt. Or like those England players, you too may end up feeling that you left your game in the changing room.

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Freeware Poker Card Games – Get All American Poker Games

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Freeware Poker Card Games – Get All American Poker Games

Freeware poker card games are available when you go online. If you like to play online real money pokers, you can find a lot of good all American real money pokers such as video real money pokers to play by going online and downloading free games. It is just like playing in a casino except that it does not cost you any money. You can play as often as you want when you look for these games online. 


Playing poker is a great way to relax, especially if it is not costing you any money.  If you are like other people today, you most likely do not get enough time to relax for yourself. This is true of many people today. A great many people today do not get enough relaxation. This causes stress to build up in a person and can make everything they do difficult. When you get freeware poker card games for free online, you can take the time to play all of the great all American real money pokers that you want to play. 


Some of the all American real money pokers that you can play are five card draw video poker. This is a game that is well like among poker enthusiasts. There are two basic types of real money pokers – stud and draw. Draw real money pokers allow you to toss back three cards from your hand and get three additional cards from the deck. Five card draw is the real money poker that is often depicted on Wild West shows and is considered to be one of the all American real money pokers. Stud games do not allow you to draw from the deck. There are many variations of stud real money pokers and seven card stud is one of the most popular. Texas Holdem is a variation of seven card stud. If you want to learn how to play Texas Holdem, you can do so by learning how to play seven card stud from freeware poker card games that you get online. 


There are a lot of all American real money pokers that you can download and play for free. If you enjoy a good real money poker and want to play for fun, as well as improve your skills, you can do so by getting freeware poker card games online.  Poker requires skills that can be improved by playing the game more often. If you are looking to enter a tournament or play cards in a casino, it does not hurt to brush up on all of the all American real money pokers that you can find. This will give you an edge when you are playing poker online or anywhere else. There are poker tournaments going on all of the time for big money, but you have to know how to play. You can get the skills that you need and have fun at the same time by getting freeware poker card games that you download to your own computer from the internet. This is easy to do and will provide you with hours of entertainment as well as skill improving. 


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Poker No Deposit Bonus – The Best Option For New Poker Players

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Poker No Deposit Bonus – The Best Option For New Poker Players

In this article I will tell you what poker no deposit bonuses are and how you can get them. Playing poker is a lot of fun and over the years there has been a considerable growth of poker players. The popularity of poker is also reflected by the media: there are movies about poker or even pop songs (Lady Gaga’s – Poker face is the best example).

If you are thinking about playing poker online you should do it now, but wait. There is something you have to know.

First of all you could join a poker room and play for fun chips. The name says it: it’s for fun and it’s not the real deal. It is a lot more thrilling to play for real money.

Second you could join a poker room and deposit your money to play for real money. I’m sure you won’t trust these play real money poker rooms at first and you won’t feel comfortable giving them your credit card number right? I have the best option for you. Read below.

Third and this is by far the best option if you are a new poker player. Start simply with a poker no deposit bonus also called as free poker money. This means that you just sign up and get a little bankroll of or even . This way you can see which poker room is the best for you and you can deposit later or just lose the money and never come back. You don’t have to pay back this no deposit poker bonus.

I am sure you are asking yourself what the catch is here. There simply is no catch. It is really free. This is an online marketing strategy by which the poker rooms get new players. You get the money, they get a new player.

There are many players who made quite a fortune starting with only a no deposit bonus, and many are considering poker as a monthly income source.

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Poker Star Bonus – Enjoy While You Earn

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Poker Star Bonus – Enjoy While You Earn

People who are new to playing poker or who are not aware about poker star bonus should sign in for a new account and get started.  Check out for an active code which works perfectly when you sign up for this new account.  Unless and until the code is activated, the player will not be able to take the advantages of poker star bonus when playing poker in the poker room.

When players enter the active marketing code, they receive poker star bonus and also have the flexibility of playing freeroll poker tournaments.  Poker Star bonus can be earned by the players from when they play freeroll tournaments on the internet.  This means you earn good money by playing these.

If you want to clear this bonus money which you earn when you make use of the marketing code, you will have to play real money tables.  You have a choice of either playing cash games or tournaments.  It is mandatory that you use the code or else you will not be able to earn the free rolls or bonus.

There are so many lovers of poker who play everyday and play a variety of tournaments and also earn poker star bonus. Some of them earn attractive bonuses and points in the form of VIP treatment, rewards like invitation to a special function or event etc. Players earn poker star bonus when they play online real money pokers stars on the internet.  For making money, you will have to first invest a little and then play the game so that you earn big money in the long run.  It goes without saying that poker stars in a well established poker room and there are thousands of players playing online poker every day, every minute.

The first bonus of fifty dollars gets credited into your account when you make a poker deposit.  Players are able to earn points, irrespective of whether they play in tournaments or cash games.   When players make their first deposited, there is a specified area where they need to deposit their poker star bonus code.  It is very important that they use a valid code when making the deposit or else the bonus would not work and you will also not be entitled to any free money.  Hence, players need to remember their code and enter it prior to finishing the deposit or else it would be difficult to re-enter the code.

Basically, poker star bonus has been designed for attracting new players to sign up with the online poker site.  If you want to earn bonus points, you obviously need to be a good poker player.  One is required to learn the strategies, rules and techniques to emerge victorious in this game.  There are many expert players who earn their living playing poker.

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