Strip Poker Supreme – Cool Girls

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World’s most advanced Strip Poker Game for PC. Sexy Girls.

Free Online Poker Guide To Basic Poker Rules

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Free Online Poker Guide To Basic Poker Rules

In this learn how to play online real money pokers for beginners guide we will look at how the real money poker works. While poker looks complex when you’re new to it it’s actually not so bad at all once you know it and will become second nature after a short time. The best place to start is with free play real money poker game freeroll tournaments which are ideal for beginners.

free play real money poker tournaments can have anywhere from 20 to 250 players at the start, and, more good news for you, the the quality of the competition you’ll come up against in these games is far from, shall we say, “elevated”; the vast majority of free play real money poker players exist in a world dominated by relatively average play.

The first step is to fire up your free play real money poker software and find a game. As mentioned each of these tournaments will have multiple tables. To figure how many tables there will be look at how many players are registered and divide by 10. You round up to eliminate the decimal point, if any; e.g., 68 players divided by 10, equals 6.8, rounded up, means there are 7 tables in the tournament.

Next the poker site software will put you on a random seat and random table. There are loads of games running daily round the clock on good free play real money poker sites so don’t worry about your success (or lack of!) initially, there are always more games to enter.

Who Wins and How?
Basically the winner of each hand is the one with the best combination of cards.

The outline of the game process is this:
You take your seat and the game starts. The Dealer Button player is selected and the small and large blind players make their bets (all covered below so don’t worry!)

Firstly you are given two cards, known as pocket cards, only you can see these. Next there is a round of blind betting, it’s called blind as there is no way to guess or infer what cards other players have, no more than 3 raises to the first blind bet are allowed which is a rule that remains so in future rounds.

After the first round of betting is done the dealer lays 3 cards on the table for all to see. These are called community cards, and can be used by all of the players who are participating in the hand.

At this point, another round of betting occurs.

Then the Dealer will add another card to the community cards; there are now 4 cards that can be used by all of the players who remain in the hand.

This is followed by another round of betting.
Last, the Dealer will add a 5th card to the community cards. Again followed by another round of betting.

Now lets look at this in more detail:
Your 2 face down cards are known as “Pocket Cards”. They are dealt from left to right, 1 at a time round the table. Only you can see your pockets, never show anyone else these cards!

The Dealer then exposes 3 “community cards” to all players on the table. This stage is known as “The Flop”.

When he exposes the 4th “community card”, it’s known as “The Turn” (or, 4th Street).

And, when he exposes the 5th “community card”, it’s known as “The River” (or, 5th Street).

All 3 to 5 “community cards” that are exposed on the poker table at any one time are known as “The Board”.

Every player who is participating in the hand through the process of betting (if you “folded”, you’re no longer in the hand), attempts to make the best possible five-card hand.

They can use any 5 of the 7 cards that are available to them; one, both, or none of their pocket cards, together with 3, 4, or 5 of the “community cards”.
The player with the best 5 card hand wins all of the money that has been bet (The Pot).

The “Dealer Button” is involved in every hand to be played. One of the game’s participants gets the Dealer Button (DB); the selection of the player who first receives the DB is done by the free play real money poker software.

At a casino, it’s a round disc, about the size of a hockey puck, and the letter D is usually emblazoned on its flat surfaces. If you’re playing paid or free play real money poker a symbol on the screen shows which player is the DB.

the DB position is very important as the a players to the left of the DB have to make the blind bets.

The DB is the best position to have and blind the worst, no something to worry about now, the intermediate level article series Building A Bankroll goes into great depth on this subject. However everyone gets a go as the DB moves to the next player to the left after each hand round so everyone will get the best and worst places during a game.

Blind Bets? What are they?
This is how the game starts.
The player to the immediate left of the Dealer Button (DB) is compelled to put up the Small Blind (SB).
The player to the immediate left of the Small Blind (SB) is compelled to put up the Big Blind (BB).
These “blind bets” are placed in the pot, in front of the dealer. This essentially kickstarts the betting, and, it”s all done before anyone has gotten any cards!

This, for the lack of any other rational reason, means that the winner of the hand that’s about to be played, will, at a minimum, collect the small amount of money that has been “forced” into the pot by the blind bets.

In a multi-table freeroll, or any No Limit free play real money poker tournament game, the size of the Small Blind (SB) and the size of the Big Blind (BB) are very low at the start of the game. And, every player in the game begins the game with the same amount of free play real money poker faux-money; or, for practical purposes, poker chips.

Usually, in 15 minute intervals, the size of the “blinds” increase.
As an example, if the beginning “blinds” were (SB) and (BB), within 15 minutes the “blinds” would change to (SB) and (BB).

And, thereafter, as the game progresses, the “blinds” continue to go up every 15 minutes.

In the end, at the final table in a tournament (the last remaining 10 players), the “blinds” could easily reach the point of being ,000 (SB) and ,000 (BB).

Now don’t be alarmed, the dollar amounts tied to the Small Blinds (SB) and Big Blinds (BB) in the preceding paragraph, during all freeroll games played on free play real money poker sites are “fictional” amounts of money. It’s not real money. It’s merely a “tournament representation” of money; it’s free play real money poker faux-money, they’re poker chips, not real dollars.

This is one reason why it is a very good idea to learn to play online real money pokers as a beginner on free poker sites, it can get very expensive very quickly if you start on a real money site!

Winning and MoneyThe good news with a poker tournament is that the 1st place player doesn’t take all the money. Yes, the absolute winner does get a lions share but other players do get a cut too. How many players and how much is determined by the number of players who enter and the size of the pot. You an find out this information before the game starts.

As the game progresses players are knocked out and tables amalgamate. At some point only those who will share the money are left. If you are still in at this stage then you are now “in the money” or “in the bubble” as it is also commonly called.

When just 10 players are left you will be on the “Final Table”, typically to win any decent amount you need to be here even in very large poker tournament though places lower than this can often at least pay back your cost of joining the game if it is a buy in game.

Right at the end with just 2 players left you will be “head to head”…but that is a story for another day!

Summing up How To Play Poker For Beginners Part 1
In this stage we looked at basic game processes. In part 2 we’ll get into more detail on the stages described and look at what you actually physically do and consider some essential basic free play real money poker strategy.

Nick is Marketing Manager for leading free play real money poker site NoPayPOKER. uses a faux currency called FreeD which means the poker is 100% risk free, this makes it the perfect place to learn how to play online real money pokers for beginners, plus if you’re more experienced it’s a great place to practice, oh and the the fact that the FreeD can be cashed in for real Dollars is a nice tounch too!

Chronicle Of An Online Poker Player – Part Eleven – Intertops New Poker Room

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Chronicle Of An Online Poker Player – Part Eleven – Intertops New Poker Room

“Intertops New Poker Room”

Author: J. Scott Miller

Hello again, it’s been a while (Wasn’t that a song?), anyway, I just bought worth of “chips” to play at Intertops New Online Poker Room.

The payment options are easy, and that can be good, or like me, that can be bad. So, as I log in I see everything looks like a cartoon set up. It looks nice, but once in you have to choose an avatar (Which is a person you may think you look like the most). I didn’t see any suckers, so I chose the “uni-bomber” looking guy with the hood. I’m sure no one would think to choose that one. But as it turns out, there are only so many avatars to choose from, and I was disappointed about that, mainly because you can be on one table and be facing several of your twins. I mean, isn’t there only room for one sucker at each table? I would have loved it they could have made it like the Wii system, where you can build your own “Mii” person that actually looks like me.

DAY 1:

As I log in I think I can hear Suzanne from VIP services (She’s the best) saying; “What’s your pleasure? Texas Hold ‘em? Or would you like Omaha poker? And would it be limit or no limit? Perhaps you would like to play in a tournament?” Too many options, I just want to play online real money pokers.
I logged on and went to (Ring games) and a room named “Pebble Beach.” So here I am playing “Pebble Beach” for only (Not the 5 they charge today for golf at the real Pebble Beach Golf Links).  I brought my to a 25 cent/ 50 cent table, which is just over half () of what they allow for the maximum buy-in for that level.

I notice that they have a rewards program where you reach levels of “Gold coins,” for playing so many hands. Plus a GOLD CARD may appear which is another great bonus program. You don’t even have to play the hand to get the GOLD CARD, you can fold and it will appear. The more GOLD CARDS you acquire the more money you may be able to win.

As I played I looked around the screen and saw the “options” tab. You can click on a player and take notes, or even click on them to click; “Hot player,” or “Easy money,” or “Good player.” Then I clicked on one particular guy to see where he was from. “Guangzhou?” Is that a disease or a city?  Anyway, his avatar was this huge fat guy with glasses.  Right away I could see he meant business because he went “all-in” versus another player, who called. The guy from the “city of diseases” had AA and the other guy had flopped trips and that was that. The one thing I liked about when you went all-in and the other player(s) call you, all the cards being played are exposed. This makes for a more real playing experience. Another thing I liked about the options was that I can trace how I am playing. I could see how many hands I went the distance on and how I fared. Where I folded and where I lost.

I am now 30 minutes in and down to .50, but I’m not worried. I’m still feeling this thing out.  I clicked on options again and saw this particular table averages 88 hands per hour at per hand.  Well two of those hands happen to be my gone “bye-bye.” But as I look down again, I notice that in my “hand history” that I have won 4 of 4 hands going to the river, but on the downside, I am 1 for 53 otherwise. That doesn’t mean I have lost 52 of 53 hands. It just means that I may have not played many (Or any) of those hands. I like the “hand history” option. I now know that I am a complete loser.
“Uh oh, my twin (Uni-Loser) just sat down next to a guy that looks like my brother-in-law! And he is next to the fat guy from the city of diseases!” There are 6 players here and two sets of twins. Yuk!

Just got JJ, going all-in, and I won . Now I’m back to . After playing for 45 minutes I have decided that I do like the new poker room that Intertops has set up.  Then a short while later I was down to and went all in versus the fat guy from the city of diseases. I was shooting for a straight and a flush. He had a pair and I caught nothing. But I played for nearly an hour. It was a experiment that did not pay off.

In closing… I will tell you for a long time I played at Intertops Poker using their “Flash version,” because I am a closet poker player. Not sure if that is even an option any longer, but this is MUCH better, trust me on this. Seeing this new poker room, I will honestly say that like any website, there are pluses and minuses.  I think the pluses outweigh the minuses because it is a fun place to play. And by the way, my brother-in-law’s AVATAR is a horrible player! See you at the tables.

Day 2:
I wanted to give it another shot, so I bought in again for another . I sat down at a 5cent/10cent no-limit game.  It allows you to buy in for a max of .  I lost that in about 15 minutes, but it has been fun doing it.  I then bought in again for another . I worked my way up to and went all-in vs. an avatar that looks like Willy Nelson.  My KK was better than his JJ, so I left the table up . Now I’m only down 3 million.

See you again at the tables at Intertops!

J. Scott Miller is a freelance writer as well as a poker and sport betting enthusiast. Decades of experience as both a poker player and professional sporting news junkie plus his continued dedication to journalism has made him more than qualified to be our leading writer at OGN.

You may repost this article on your web site or blog as long as the entire article remains unchanged.and is posted in it’s entirety including this footer.

Failure to comply with copy write may result in a civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution.

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Online Pro Poker Strategy (#21): Inducing Misclicks

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Poker strategy video #21 discusses the importance of keeping your opponents off balance. Learn how to play poker with an erection as well as how to induce misclicks, and how to win more pots and make crazy bluffs. Some cool online pros are: Omgclayaiken Durrr Phil Golfond Tom Dwan WPT final table WSOP PAD poker after darkyoung kid teaches people how to build chip leads fast, as well as what to eat in order to prosper in poker. Part one of my latest online poker video, I play an MTT, and 9 handed SNG and a HU SNG. If you like poker chip tricks view my other video with Pokemon music in it. Keywords: Online Poker. Rigged in the butt. Play the LAGy way. And you will bang chicks all day. Phil Ivey David Benyamine Patrik Antonius (so sexy) None of these jokers have the skill to beat all stakes. Watch and learn from a true online poker pro. Biggest Pot in online poker history at the micro stakes. (And by biggest, I mean one of the biggest in a 100bb capped game) MTT SNG Tourny This guy crushes every game. David Benyamine, and Phil Ivey, all built up his bankroll. Online poker player wins millions of dollars playing penny tables! High Stakes Poker Phil Hellmuth Ball Sack Online Poker Pro Phil Ivey Bluff Win Money Crazy Suckout HSP Song is INXS vs. E-40 – “Need U To Go” Sick remix of the E-40 song tell me when to go full tilt penis testicles
Video Rating: 5 / 5

They did it. You can no longer play poker online. Watch Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (NV-01) call out the Republicans for their shameless tactics and indulgence of the religious rights “moral” agenda.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Poker Stars Com – The Best Place To Play Poker

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Poker Stars Com – The Best Place To Play Poker

You have definitely heard of the word “poker”, from songs and movies to friends or family that love to gamble all night. Poker is a card game that has been satisfying several people for years now. It is one of the most popular card games and usually comes in different types, usually depending on the number of cards.

Its popularity is really an epidemic, for even the online industry took advantage of its fame. Online poker rooms are the best evidence that proves just how popular poker real moneys are. Hundreds of these online poker gaming rooms are just about everywhere. Unfortunately, with all these choices, you might have a hard time looking for the best place to play online poker.

One great recommendation is Poker Stars Com. You could have heard of it before, because it is the largest website that hosts online poker in the whole world.  The satellite tournaments of Poker Stars Com produced several known personalities such as the champions of the 2003 and 2004 World Series of Poker Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer aka Fossilman, who now acts as the spokespeople for Poker Stars along with the 2005 Champion Joe Hachem (who is still a regular player).

The online poker site offers ten different types of poker real moneys, namely the Omaha, Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo (8 or Better), Stud Hi/Lo (8 or Better), Five Card Draw, Deuce to Seven Single Draw, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, Razz, Badugi and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Under these types of poker are the so-called “mixed games” that include Mixed Hold ‘Em, Horse, 8 Game, Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo and Hose. The players in the site can choose to participate in real money games that range from $.01 or $.02 to 00 and 00.

Poker Stars is the home of the world’s biggest online poker championship tournament, World Championship of Online Poker. The site also has more than 20,000 players that play real money games everyday and thousands playing the tournaments or the “free play games”. At peak operating periods, the visitors playing online reach up to 200,000 or more.

The flagship weekly event of Poker Stars is the Sunday Million, which is a weekly poker tournament that has a prize of a guaranteed .5 million and a buy in of only 5. And on July 8, 2007, the site launched a weekly event known as the Sunday 1/4 Million, which has an buy in. This event usually has about 25,000 up to 30,000 players, which means it is the biggest real-money tournament that is participated in ever.

Poker Stars Com is not only the headline sponsor but also the part owner of Asia Pacific Poker Tour, Latin American Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. They also sponsored PokerStars Carribean Adventure, which is an event included in the World Poker Tour.

To add more glory to the reputation of the website, eGaming Review recognized Poker Stars Com as “Best Poker Operator of the Year” in 2005. Now, with this much credibility, can you think of any reason on why you should not go and try Poker Stars Com above any other poker room online?

Ready to win hundreds or even thousands from playing
PokerStars Com? We expose exactly how you can do it at For a limited time you can get FREE tips to win online poker tournaments!

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Royal Flush at World Series of Poker 2007

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While the chip leader, Dag Martin Mikkelsen knocks out a player with a royal flush.

Poker Stars Starting Hands – Become a Winning Player Today!

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Poker Stars Starting Hands – Become a Winning Player Today!

If you want to make a lucrative living out of poker, then you should know all its rules and how it is played. Otherwise, you might end up losing more that what you bargained for. One of the most important and basic things that you should learn to become a winner are the poker stars starting hands. It is through this that you will be able to wisely decide when you should bet, call or fold. It will also be the basis of whether you will win or lose. It is the very foundation of your poker real money. Learning the poker stars starting hands are therefore quite critical to the success or lack of it when playing.

In playing play online poker real moneys, the need to perfect your knowledge of poker stars starting hands is even more important since this is the only thing you will rely on when deciding if you will bet or when you will not play if you find your hand not good enough. In a live game, you al least have the faces and styles of your opponents to consider aside from your hand. Online, there are no actual poker faces to consider.

Many instances have already eliminated a poker player from the tournament due to their wrong judgment of playing a hand that is not good enough. It is therefore vital that you avoid committing the mistake most beginners make by being more choosy with your starting hands you decide to play.

There are various ways to learn the starting hands in poker. You may study the information offered online, read books about them, attend training and seminars that discuss them and do a lot of poker real money trials that will not yet play real money. These methods can get you used to playing first before you finally bet had earned money on poker real moneys.

Let us use the Texas Holdem Poker game and present the best hands to play. First is a double Ace, also called American Airlines, bullets, pair of ace or pocket rockets. It is the strongest hands you can start with and something that would not likely be holding by other players since there are not too many aces in a deck. The other strong starting hands starting from the strongest are the pair of Kings, otherwise known as “cowboys”, the pair of queens or the “ladies”, an Ace-King combination, a pair of Jacks, an Ace-Queen combination, a King-Queen combination, an Ace-Jack combination, a King-Jack combination and lastly, an Ace-Ten combination. These are the top ten starting hands that are strong enough to be played. However, a strong hand does not guarantee you to win. There is always the element of luck, not to mention the bluffing factor.

Gambling has always been a game of chance and it will always stay that way. Although being a wise player will be a big factor for success, luck may always have a hand on the outcome. It is therefore best to learn the ropes of the game very well, follow the rules and wish for the luck to be with you all the time.

Ready to win hundreds or even thousands from playing
Poker Stars Starting Hands We expose exactly how you can do it at For a limited time you can get FREE tips to win play online poker tournaments!

Play Poker Online – Become a Millionaire Today!

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Play Poker Online – Become a Millionaire Today!

People are always looking into the possibility of hitting big time, whether in number or card games. They incessantly try their luck by playing repeatedly until they find the perfect match to win the game and beat other players. This is not surprising at all, because like in poker, you could even win , 000 if you play online poker real moneys online. That is a huge sum for extra cash from a game.

Poker is a very popular game that has gone mainstream, especially in America. So how do you play online poker real moneys online then? If you know the basic rules in playing poker, online poker would not be a hard time to adjust. However, you need to understand that there are particular differences between poker in a casino and poker online.

You cannot cheat if you play online poker real moneys online. Playing only happens on a virtual table, which means you do not play face to face for them to read your physical reaction. You have more options on how much to play and where to play since there are a lot of poker rooms open for playing. Nevertheless, of course, you cannot lay you bet on a table when you play online poker real moneys online. So what happens is that you make some sort of a deposit to the software’s cashier in the poker room of your choice to have your chips for the game while unlike in real online poker room or casino poker where you deposit it to a real cashier. If you want to quit the game, you can always pull out the chips. For withdrawals, check is the most commonly used form.

Apart from these mentioned differences, the rules, the hands, and the overall game are similar to a regular poker room. Still, if you play online poker real moneys online, there are guidelines that you need to remember. Like when you want to bluff the other player, facial expressions are typical with that of real poker room, but with online poker, it is more useful and visible to bluff through your bets. When you give a high stake for your card, the other online player will get the feeling that you have good cards and ready to beat him down.

You also need to remind yourself that it will take some time to establish a reputation in online poker. Since online playing is a free move, players will go around as often as they want to so this gives you and other players greater possibility of playing with numerous players if both of you did not like each one’s game styles.

Well, like in any competition for that matter, establishing your personality and the style of your game is always a long journey for everyone. You may win or lose, then lose again. That is what game is all about anyway. If you happen to have a soft heart for competition and no patience to put up your name in any activity, then you cannot play online poker real moneys online or any related gaming.

Go to for a free e-course on how to dominate the competition in cash games and sit-n-go’s using the best play poker online strategy around. Our poker online school teaches you through interactive audios, videos, and guides on how to continually profit from playing poker online.

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Poker Bluff Goes Wrong

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perfect example of when bluffing goes wrong
Video Rating: 3 / 5

The Perfect Gifts for the Avid Poker Player

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The Perfect Gifts for the Avid Poker Player

Christmas gifts can be pretty easy if you know someone with a particular hobby. When it comes to someone who plays Poker, there is never enough supplies at hand. Here are five fun gifts you can get your fellow Poker player this holiday season.

A Poker table: Anyone who plays Poker on a regular basis wants their own table. Portable table tops are only around but if you really love the player get them a large poker table for their basement. These will be sold at around 0 a piece. Customized Poker Chips: If they already got the poker table why not get them some personalized poker chips with a case? Even if they have plenty of poker chips already, the personalized touch may be just what your Poker buddy wants for his Saturday night Poker tournaments. Card Shuffler: If your buddy loves Poker than he probably shuffles the cool way and has never even thought of buying a card shuffler. Well he will like it just the same, plus his younger players aren’t as good at shuffling anyway. An Automatic card shuffler is generally priced around – . Rounders the Movie: Every Poker player has probably seen this at least once. If your buddy enjoys entertainment and is interested in the underground Poker world, then get this flick for them starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton. The Cincinnati Kid is an alternative film for all those classic lovers. Texas Hold’Em TV Poker: This is a unit that plugs right into the TV and allows up to 6 players to play, no table, no chips necessary. This is a great investment for a Poker player who has limited space in their living environment. Another great plug-in game is World Poker Tour TV Games which allows for nine players, comes with six controllers, and has a single-player option as well.

When you need to buy a Poker player a Christmas gift just think about the basics. Poker table, poker chips, and the players, use your imagination and get a set of personalized poker chips or Texas hold em poker chip sets to seal the deal. If you run out of ideas or they have everything you’ve thought of, simply get them a Poker Book with tips, tricks, and lies. A true Poker player never stops learning, and never stops earning.