Poker Gambling Addiction. Online Gambling Addiction

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Gambling and Addiction

Statistics on gambling and addiction show that up to 10% of all people playing casino games are gambling addicts. But unfortunately only few of them understand the danger. And most of them have no idea their passion for gambling has become a hidden illness.

Online Gambling Addiction

The victims of an online gambling addiction will not take a taxi or go to rehabilitation. On the other hand, the wife shouldn’t worry if her husband comes home on foot the next day. In the other aspects, the online gambling addiction is the same. People can hold on for a week, a month, or even longer but then all the same, will wish to get into this ideal world. He will do this especially quickly, if someone reminds him about his existence every 100 steps.

Poker Gambling Addiction

Poker can give you similar feelings as that of being on drugs or pills. Do you think about Texas Holdem’ 365 times a day? Do you have it on your cell phone? 10 different ways on your laptop? You might be addicted to poker.

So what are the real symptoms of poker gambling addiction? There are people who play high stakes games for many hours every day but still remain relatively calm and cant be called compulsive gamblers. Even if one loses big sums of money at a casino once in a while he is not necessary a gambling addict.

You become addicted the day you stop drawing the line between your gambling money and money for living. Look at the characteristics of most poker players and you can similarly compare them to cocaine addicts. Their appearance tends to be underweight, jittery, incapability of thinking of other things besides their poker gambling addiction, twitches, and many other side effects.

If you or someone you know is suffering from gambling addiction, search this directory of drug rehab addiction treatment and gambling addiction treatment centers by state. If you feel that your passion for poker has become dangerous, immediately refer to the specialists from gambling addiction treatment organization.

Poker Online Tips: Improve Your Poker Online Strategy

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Poker Online Tips

poker online tips Add poker fish to your buddy list. This is one of the most popular poker online tips used by many of the good players. By checking your buddy list off and on, you can see when your favorite online poker players are logging on to play. Even though you are not able to see exactly which poker table they are seated at, you can search through the tables to look for your target.

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