Florida Gambling Going Online?

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Florida to Legalize Online Gambling


Florida is just one of several states considering legalizing online gambling as a way to help their local economies. On January 19th, the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability will present its assessment of online gaming to the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. The review is scheduled for January 19 at 4:00 p.m.

Horseracing and dogracing were legalized by the Legislature in Florida in 1931.  The impetus to legalize gambling in Florida has been attributed to the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the land boom of 1924-25.2 The pari-mutuel industry has proven to be a substantial source of entertainment and revenue to the state over the past 70-plus years. The pari-mutuel industry has grown from six dog tracks and three horse tracks in 1931 to 18 dogtracks, seven jai alai frontons, five thoroughbred and one harness track in 2004. However, attendance and revenues have steadily declined since the late 1980s. The decline has been attributed to increased competition from the state lottery, seven tribal casinos, including two Hard Rock casinos in Hollywood and Tampa, gambling cruise ships, and gaming in Mississippi.

Florida is one of a handful of US states considering legalizing online gambling, including poker, as a means of boosting their local economies. States will also look to become more competitive by offering gambling to their residence.

Most recently, the state of Pennsylvania legalized poker in its casinos as a way of competing with neighboring New Jersey and its gambling Mecca of Atlantic City.

Full Tilt Poker Site is offering “Aid for Haiti” poker tournaments

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Aid for Haiti

Full Tilt Poker Site is offering “Aid for Haiti” poker tournaments in which the rake collected in each event will be donated to charities benefiting the earthquake’s victims. The Full Tilt Poker site also gives players the option to donate privately by transferring funds to ‘Aid for Haiti’ on the site. The Full Tilt Poker site will aditionally run a number of charitable tournaments wherein half of the prize pool goes to relief efforts.

In addition, the Full Tilt Poker site will match the amount of the juice, sending even more funds to Haiti. The Full Tilt Poker site has also created “Aid for Haiti No Play” tournaments. These allow players to donate without having to compete on the virtual felts and, as was the case with the traditional tournaments, Full Tilt will match all funds donated.

Finally, Full Tilt has created a player account named “Aid for Haiti.” You can make a direct transfer of at least $5 to this user name and Full Tilt will match it.

With traditional generosity, the online poker industry has been among the first to introduce disaster relief fund-raising schemes for the devastated country of Haiti following the horrendous earthquakes that have all but destroyed its infrastructure.

Full Tilt Poker Site is the host of a worldwide virtual poker cardroom service. It is not in the business of betting or wagering and does not participate in the games as a player. It merely provides a service to those who wish to test their skills against others for fun, prizes or money. With innovative graphics, superior customer service and a safe, secure interface, the software is geared to enhance and personalize the online poker experience. Players at all skill levels may download the software at www.fulltiltpoker.com.

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Bodog Poker Open V Schedule Coming Soon

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Bodog Open V

Bodog Poker Open V

In 2009, Bodog Poker Open IV was one of the final online poker series of the year; the 2010 Bodog Poker Open V schedule has not yet been released. In 2010, Bodog Poker Open will launch its fifth series and players can expect to find a number of enticing tournaments to play in. The series traditionally has focused on hold’em, although the site has offered a variety of events within hold’em (pot-limit, no-limit, limit, six-max, etc.).

Bodog Poker Open is a great opportunity for all tournament players. The competition at Bodog tournaments are much weaker than at other pokerrooms like PokerStars, Full Tilt and PartyPoker. Bodog Open V will be a tournament with big prize money, relatively soft competition and a lot of added money.

Aside from the money and intense action that comes with any Bodog Poker online tournament, Bodog Poker Open aims to make YOU a POKER SUPERSTAR by giving you the exposure you deserve! Do you think you have what it takes to become a poker superstar at Bodog?

Here’s how to register for the Bodog Poker:

1. Sign up for a Bodog Poker Account (if you don’t already have one);
2. Download Bodog Poker (if you don’t already have it);
3. Sign into the Bodog Poker software;
4. Start playing!

Full Tilt Online Poker Series 2010

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FTOPS 2010

Full Tilt Online Poker site is preparing for its 15th through 19th FTOPS in 2010. The Full Tilt Online Poker Series are usually held every February, May, August, and November.

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series 15th begins Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. ET with a $216 no-limit hold’em event. This Full Tilt Online Poker series’ main event guarantees about $2.5 million in prize money. The schedule is complete with 27 events and more than $17 million in guaranteed prize money. The $2,620 two-day six-max no-limit hold’em event with antes from the start on Feb. 20 at 2 p.m. ET and the $535 main event, which begins Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. ET, are among premiere events for the upcoming FTOPS.

Join Full Tilt this February for FTOPS XV to compete for huge cash prizes, exclusive FTOPS gear and your shot to become next FTOPS champion.

Mini-FTOPS 2010

The Full Tilt Online Poker site will also run its extremely popular mini-FTOPS in the months following their corresponding FTOPS. Twenty-seven events, 1/10th of the buy-in, over $6 million in guaranteed prize money. Play in MiniFTOPS this March and turn a small buy-in into a huge score.

Full Tilt Poker remains committed to the US market and offers a variety of safe and secure deposit options, including eChecks, Direct Deposits, ePassporte and Click2Pay. Any money you have in your account will remain completely accessible and secure at Full Tilt.

If you’re a fan of the Full Tilt Online Poker poker series, no other site has more options.

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19 years old kid winning 2.2 million dollar prize!!!

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[caption id="attachment_708" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="19 years old kid plays poker real money"]19 years old kid plays poker real money[/caption]

A 19-year old cashed out mulit – million dollars pot. Harrison Gimbel recently  graduated from The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens this past spring. At his 19 he plays poker for real money.

“It’s just a great feeling,” Gimbel told CBS 12 by phone from the Bahamas. “I’m the youngest main event champion ever. I couldn’t ask for anything better right now.”

The teenager says he started playing poker with friends six years ago. “Poker’s really just a game of skill,” observed Gimbel. “It’s a lot like chess, where it’s like a mind game.”

And he’s gotten really good at it. The Bahamas tournament had more than 1,500 participants, each putting up $10,000 to play.

What’s Gimbel going to do with the $2.2 million dollar prize? “I’m probably going to get myself a new car,” responded Gimbel, explaining that he currently drives a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that doesn’t work very well.

He’ll also likely play more poker. Since one has to be 21 to play tournaments in the United States, he’s limited to overseas events for a couple more years.

“My plans might include playing some more tournaments around the world and practice my skills by play online poker games,” said Gimbel.  “Just travel the world, while I do what I love”

Phil Ivey is "Back on Market" again

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Online Poker Games

Great news for many ladies out there.  Phil Ivey and his wife Luciaetta both filed a joint petition for divorce on December 22nd and they were granted said divorce court.

Was not a big surprise for many of us. It is hard to be married for a POKERSTARS like him. Poker is a hard lifestyle and very few couples really last in poker. His life is full of “Poker Real Money”.

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Fold These 10 Poker Starting Hands

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Worst Texas Holdem Starting Hands

[caption id="attachment_687" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Worst Poker Starting Hands"]Worst Poker Starting Hands[/caption]

Get to know the worst poker starting hands. Learning that these poker starting hands are almost always fold’em hands in hold’em is just as crucial to improving your poker game. Let’s take a look at these pokers starting hands:
When you have a 2 and a 7 poker starting hand, fold. These are the lowest two cards you can have that cannot make a straight. Even if they are suited, they will make you a very low flush, and if either pairs, it’s an awfully low hand.
With 2 and 8 as your poker starting hand, fold as well. 8 is still very bad for a high card. This hand will not make you rich. Suited or not, this is a fold’em hold’em hand.
3-8 and 3-7
The 3 makes this hand able to beat the two above it, but with the 3-8 you still can’t make a straight and the 3-7 still, well, just fold.
This is not a good starting hand at all. Against even four players, this hand will lose about 90% of the time. Not good odds.

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Easy Hold 'em Poker Strategy: Use a Point System

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Easy Hold ‘em Poker Strategy. How to Select Best Poker Starting Hands in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Using a Point System

[caption id="attachment_691" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Hold 'em Poker Strategy"]Hold 'em Poker Strategy[/caption]

You don’t have to remember card combination if you make the poker starting hands decision based on points. Assign each of your cards a point value and check your position in the table.

If the number of points in your hand exceed or equal the number of points required taking into account your player position (early, middle, late) and the nature of your cards (pocket pairs, suited cards, unsuited non-pair cards), you should play the hand, otherwise you should fold.

If you are the SB, you can divide the number of required points by 2, provided no one raises. If you are the BB, checking is always an option you should make use of.

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Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World to Host PokerStars.com TV Show

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Online poker site PokerStars.com announced the creation of their new televised poker tour and introduced Joanna Krupa as the TV hostess for the tour.

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Pennsylvania is legalizing table games

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Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has signed a bill legalizing table games like poker and blackjack at the state’s slots casinos. Table games are coming to Pennsylvania’s slots casinos in summer.

Table games include poker, blackjack and roulette. Larger casinos will be allowed 250 tables for the new games, while the smaller resorts casinos can have 50. Meanwhile, the machinery for implementing the games is already sliding into place. If all goes as planned, casinos should be running the games by mid- to late summer.

[caption id="attachment_666" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="PA Table Games"]Table-Games[/caption]

The games are expected to raise about $370 million in taxes over the next two years. Initially they would be taxed at a rate of 16 percent, with 14 percent going to the state and 2 percent to host municipalities and counties. The tax rate would drop to 12 percent and 2 percent after two years.

Like Pennsylvania, Delaware is preparing to introduce table games this year, which is bad news for Atlantic City. Atlantic City will lose the monopoly it enjoyed on table games among the neighboring states. The city will continue to lose the convenience gamblers in Pennsylvania who want to stay closer to home. Pennsylvania’s table games could be the catalyst for more Atlantic City-style nongaming amenities, such as upscale hotels, retail shops, restaurants and nightclubs.