100828 Super Junior SS3 in Qingdao【SUPER GIRL】

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Leeteuk focus( ゚ω゚) cam by komame
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Lady GaGa Performs A Medley Of LoveGame And Poker Face Live At Much Music Video Awards 2009 © NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENTED

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33 Responses to “100828 Super Junior SS3 in Qingdao【SUPER GIRL】”

  1. darkangelbleedsagain Says:

    OMG!! Donghae, Leeteuk, Siwon are so hooooot

  2. hongminhtrinh9x Says:


  3. BBTakaLOLLIPOP Says:

    @hongminhtrinh9x i think donghae too… :)

  4. johnisanidiot Says:

    Eunhyuk, I believe.

  5. luan33mai Says:

    wAt was da First line… is it lIke ”I love mY life…baby gOt ma mine” :D nyAhaha ..yeah sure

  6. TASCobsession Says:

    Where is Heechul?? XO

  7. MariposaaDeColorees Says:

    En la primera parte Yesungie estaba perdido.. Mi amoor ♥

  8. amy19941028 Says:

    @sapphirebluelove08 it is suju ver

  9. SungjiPabo Says:


  10. sapphirebluelove08 Says:

    where’s henry and zhoumi?..

  11. hongminhtrinh9x Says:

    whenever i saw them in these white suits , only leteuk and eunhyuk wore gloves . haha.

  12. hongminhtrinh9x Says:

    whenever i saw them in these white suits , only leteuk and eunhyuk wear gloves . haha.

  13. liegjepiet Says:

    Who take the place of hangeng?

  14. DenMinify Says:

    @kimdung153 he had already been separated in the group.. because of his pride… i miss him in the group…

  15. kimdung153 Says:


  16. kysnowie Says:

    I miss the old sjm….of course this version is still very good…

  17. iwennlim Says:

    leeteuk must love this white suit so much!

  18. sapphirebunny013 Says:

    Iam freakin’ly loving this remix!! XD
    Sment composers who did the remix = a genius!
    I had goosebumps hearing Eunhyuks rap part! gosh! its great!!
    i want this remix in my i pod super badly!

  19. lovenickfan101 Says:

    omg so hot (: teuk (: <3 hehe (:

  20. EJNGee Says:

    Hae’s body wave at 2:34!

  21. SamLeePark Says:

    They should remove their jacket (or whatever they call) !!! haha!! L♥L

  22. Lynncute Says:

    Super Junior should have a supergirl MV as a whole .

  23. SamLeePark Says:

    Leeteuk looks really tired but He trying to smile DURING HIS PART…. I love Leeteuk… He is a HARDWORKING LEADER…. HE IS THE BEST LEADER,EVER!!!!

  24. SamLeePark Says:

    I think the person holding the camera likes leeteuk.. Because it is focused on him…. I love Leeteuk,too…. CUTE!!!!

  25. lunalovekiss Says:

    saranghae sungmin oppa….

  26. XxNotThatInnocentxX Says:

    remember, when kim k. says ” all you guys are gunna talk bout tmrw LADY GAGA “, hahaa, im still am =] .. cuz lady gaga has so much talent

  27. missclairetx Says:

    She has some one sexy body!!! i love her soooooo much!!!!! GO GAGA!!!!

  28. KianaRox Says:

    god i love her so much she’s just amazing.

  29. LittleDeathGurl Says:

    @LadyGagaChannelVideo HELL YA IT WAS!!!!!!!!

  30. afi11301 Says:

    omggg soo amazingg !

  31. PaulieDi Says:

    Love it!

  32. LadyGagaChannelVideo Says:


  33. JonCPretty Says:

    I was totally here last year and saw this live!

    Also: FIRST COMMENT! w00t.

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