10 Best Poker Strategy Tips

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poker strategy tips Poker Strategy Tips

Here are 10 poker strategy tips that you should keep in mind the next time you play online poker games.

1. Be aggressive
When you play online poker games, especially Hold’em, you are going to miss the flop 70 percent of the time. So when you do hit the flop, seize the opportunity and don’t pull any punches in doing so.

2. Don’t be afraid to gamble
The all-in call is always tough to make, especially when it’s just two people sitting at the table. While sometimes it’s difficult to push all of your chips into the middle of the table and put yourself at risk, sometimes you simply have to gamble.

3. Pairs are powerful
Since it’s going to be rare to get a pocket pair dealt to you, make sure you don’t hesitate when you do look down at a pair of any kind.

4. Realize it’s a battle of unpaired hands

When you play online poker games at a full table, you are only going to get a pair once every 17 hands. With that said, in heads-up poker most of the time both players are going to be playing unpaired hands.

That’s why it’s so important to play the hand correctly and remember your position because more often than not it comes down to who outplays who.

5. Switch gears
You can’t be predictable when playing heads up. Don’t raise it every time you’re in position, and don’t fold every time you’re the big blind when you don’t have a favorable hand.

You simply have to keep your opponent on his heels. Don’t fall into the trap of always playing predictably. Don’t be afraid to bluff so you can see a flop and don’t be afraid to slow-play a good hand.

Top 5 Poker Strategy Tips

6. Don’t get pushed around when out of position

Because the player on the button has a big edge, the player out of position can sometimes get pushed around.

7. Play your position
There are only two positions you are going to be in when playing heads-up – on the button (in position) or the blind big blind (out of position). There is no such thing as an “unplayable” hand when you are in position.

Most hands are going to be favorable when you are in position because you already have a small and big blind out there, so you are getting 3-to-1 odds on your money.

8. Lengthen the match if you’re the favorite
Conversely, if you have deemed yourself the favorite, go ahead and play a little “four corners” to steal a college basketball phrase. Be patient and you should prevail.

9. Have a plan and then execute it

Once you have decided where you stand in the tale of the tape, it will determine how you will go forward.

If you’re the underdog, it’s plain and simple, you want to shorten the match. Play big pots when the opportunity is there and try to flip the odds, so to speak. You don’t want to be sitting there trying to outplay someone who is better than you.

10. Size up your opponent and his or her stack

The first thing that you need to do when you play online poker games and get in a heads-up battle is to honestly assess your chances.

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