1.2 mil pot between Guy Laliberte and David Benyamine

August 29, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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25 Responses to “1.2 mil pot between Guy Laliberte and David Benyamine”

  1. jsberson Says:

    @QuantumJohn Yup… he’s usually dead money anyway, but this was a nice act of charity.

  2. KeefeBrand Says:

    The players came out swinging right off the bat, and if this hand is representative for the kind of action we will see, the spectators are going to be in for a treat. Anyway i just got 50 free $ from Pokerfrik to start my poker carrier, wish me luck :P P

  3. MrMorlaf Says:

    what a bunch of idiots… both of them!!!

  4. machinelikeasifi Says:

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  5. KeefeBrand Says:

    Patrik had also a great WSOP, even though he didn’t play himself that many tournaments. But his start is interesting, he started with only 50 $ online, and hegot it free from PokerFrik website :)

  6. soulfoodmarketing Says:


  7. cecispock Says:

    @TehPokerGuy and you get the rakeback lol

  8. TehPokerGuy Says:

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  9. KeefeBrand Says:

    The largest pot of the match between luvtheWNBA and durrrr, and it was a very unlucky one for durrrr. Anyway to get free 50 $ bankroll check out PokerFrik website :)

  10. shortnsweet95 Says:

    David Benyamine is fat, I’m just sayin

  11. soulfoodmarketing Says:


  12. stinky472 Says:

    At least he didn’t call a shove on a flush draw. That would be truly bad play.

  13. saxed Says:

    I wonder how much of Guy’s decision here came as a result of Benyamine’s bankroll problems.

    Its classy stuff by Guy, but man looking at Benyamine’s face during the hand, looks like someone has a gun pointed at his head.

  14. KeefeBrand Says:

    He probably wish he stuck to that game for the whole day, because when he tried his hand in the seven game, things didn’t go as smoothly. PokerFrik site offers 50 $ free deposit, i should try that!

  15. KeefeBrand Says:

    There is a simple way to get free 50 $ without any deposit, check out Pokerfrik website. mskzqiopec’domwmdqkcsasawqdaonvmgiekwejkwidwqrewjdtfoifkuuj

  16. WazZzaA123 Says:

    @Beaugrandrole ta
    gueule osti de cave

  17. Masterphonic Says:

    @VicenzoV I don’t think you understand irony either

  18. Masterphonic Says:

    @VicenzoV I think you just don’t understand math.

  19. Masterphonic Says:

    @VicenzoV How is Guy giving him that option not an EV proposition? Choosing to run it once and choosing to give guy the main pot without seeing a turn each have an expected value, albeit each negative. Choosing to not run the board out and play had a return that was worse than if he chose to just Guy take the main pot.

  20. fatuousekqp Says:

    right now sign up fulltilt poker using referral code POKERDEAL14 and play poker with free $600.

  21. Masterphonic Says:

    @VicenzoV Letting pride get into the way of a +EV proposition is just stupid.

  22. Masterphonic Says:

    Guy has a lot of class.

  23. Doctorstrange37 Says:

    “We just said that!” “come on barry listen in” LOL love the commentary

  24. VicenzoV Says:

    @OUSOONERSFTW Not very good but if one of my opponents would have used the words “I know this is a lot of money for you” I would’ve punched him in the face…


    @VicenzoV lol and how did that end up for u?

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