【PS3】Dead Rising 2 – Perfect Walkthrough – Part 48: Strip Poker Round 2: Ladies! [2/2] Zombrex

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Oh Yeah, I am Winner! Alittle boring after, I was looking for Sven but seems like i have to zone out then back in to spawn Sven into the cafeteria room. Stacey won’t notify you for his request so at Day 3 9PM to Day 4 1AM get him some booze (Whiskey or Vodka) for another free zombrex. lol, look at those zombrex! Then is time to clear Case 5-2 out of the way for more free time. Playlist: www.youtube.com
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24 Responses to “【PS3】Dead Rising 2 – Perfect Walkthrough – Part 48: Strip Poker Round 2: Ladies! [2/2] Zombrex”

  1. GbrJose Says:

    did jeanne spoke in a british language

  2. hippymobster Says:

    one would think tammy would have a request for some clothes, so shes not stuck in that costume for the rest of her stay in fortune city

  3. tanzh19 Says:

    i think he asked for booze to treat epople as an excuse to get it and drink it.

  4. seanw23 Says:

    @kormaruR kinda a good thing, else youtube’d take it down cuz of nudity… (even if it’s brief -.-)

  5. minsecous Says:

    cora has an awesome body

  6. unwrittenmariposa09 Says:

    @NeD2o2: Yup. He prob needed to disinfect himself from the inside. xD

  7. lockwoan01 Says:

    @vc180191 True, but if you could “rescue” them, you could give them better weapons, and have a “guard” that would protect you while you do your work.

  8. vc180191 Says:

    @lockwoan01 In that event, they arm themselves with rudimentory weapons and help out.

  9. Darklordiban7 Says:

    I can’t help but keep noticing that with all the wheelchairs around, I still have yet to see a single cripple zombie. Bet they’re just there for all those fat people who think that they’re handicapped.

  10. magicguizmo Says:

    2:46 “No smoking … stay calm” lol

  11. aleayala1995013 Says:

    I love this game!!! xD

  12. lockwoan01 Says:

    Too bad you’re unable to give the guys in the bunker anything, or “rescue” them. It would make a certain event easier, if the guys were armed and you had a posse with you.

  13. lockwoan01 Says:

    Play cards, and get a guy a drink.

  14. MdMedia21 Says:

    @kormaruR stip poker is gay… :P

  15. brucehorosai Says:

    If there is two bathroom lockers,why you always choose the closed one to save the game?”Suspicious,friend o´mine) =p

  16. NeD2o2 Says:

    Sven just drank his medicine

  17. david08123 Says:

    @S3rtkayaftw yh, it was a joke you retard

  18. S3rtkayaftw Says:

    @david08123 oo we got ourselfs a lowlife animated porn lover

  19. david08123 Says:

    yo do you know how to get into that tape or die crew room, i do everything it tells me to do on wiki and it doesn’t open :S

  20. Cuzzys2nd Says:

    Very nice!! This is a great walkthrough, no hitting the pawnshop up for Zombrex like I was by this point!!

  21. Guilmonhero Says:

    10:00 Darn you just walked right into that one didn’t you Mr. Mercenary.

  22. kormaruR Says:

    @david08123 even if you take a peek there is some tape by their nipples :P

  23. david08123 Says:

    damn they cover themselves lol

  24. bigk22 Says:

    lol yeh so much for disinfecting the intured dude just wanted a drink

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