【PS3】Dead Rising 2 – Perfect Walkthrough – Part 47: Strip Poker Round 2: Ladies! [1/2]

April 30, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

After Case 5-1 I have plenty of time yet again ;D (Now who says the time limit is restricting their game play?) Time to strip those ladies! Playlist: www.youtube.com
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18 Responses to “【PS3】Dead Rising 2 – Perfect Walkthrough – Part 47: Strip Poker Round 2: Ladies! [1/2]”

  1. seanw23 Says:

    @Hradian man, did you see trixie-lynn? she had nothing on underneath that shirt

  2. seanw23 Says:

    @sweden20000 Cora is not easily fooled…

  3. seanw23 Says:

    did anyone see that a moment ago? not in the vid, but with the comment board.
    that “safety mode” thing? or is just for me only?

  4. sweden20000 Says:

    All-in fail

  5. futurewrestleler Says:

    ill e honest, when i play this i chose random things, then get pissed of and turn of the ps3…

  6. lockwoan01 Says:

    Nothing like a friendly game of cards to pass the time.
    Um, go fish?

  7. Hradian Says:


    nah lets do some strip poker

  8. micktheman100 Says:

    boobies… wait… no boobies?

  9. k698 Says:

    It’s time to make baby….:D

  10. 013johncena Says:

    Is it important to do this mission?

  11. S3rtkayaftw Says:

    @Cuzzys2nd get a life i guess

  12. Cuzzys2nd Says:

    Until 10:30, I keep saying “MILEENA!!” every time I see Trixie-Lynn. Geez, playing Mortal Kombat Deception must’ve ruined me for life or something… >.>;

  13. MustiMustach Says:

    its so funny the way they like throw their money in like “Heres your sh!t and get the f*ck out now!” like everytime i lend money to rednecks. But i still cant believe that the bricks are standing straight up like that even though theyre throwing them!

  14. Guilmonhero Says:

    oops I mean 10:30

  15. Guilmonhero Says:

    So, that’s what that Trixie Lynn under that mask. 10:33

  16. Guilmonhero Says:


    Yep, this walkthrought might get more views if his tags are a bit different, Take a look at the the related videoes I have to go his uploads to find it the next part, (other than the playlists which insists that there are 24 videoes.)

  17. JACEH123 Says:

    And since nobody has said this yet……

    But anyway, great walkthrough. I would think these would have a bit more views, but maybe its just to early cause the game just came out.

  18. gwhaberlein Says:

    I’m surprised there isn’t a single comment on this vid

    so…since I’v always wanted to…..FIIIIIIIRRRRRRRSSSSSTTTTTT

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