♥ Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee ~ Poker Face ♥

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Press the HQ button! You’ll get chocolate! ^^ (JK! XD No seriously! It works!) Ugh, lame thumbnails! :( haha So about the video… (I’ll try not to ramble!) OMGosh, I finished the whole thing! ^^ YAY!!! I had a lot of people requesting me to make it longer, and since I liked the way it looked, I did the whole thing! :) OK, so this video mainly focuses on Azula and her ‘fire gang’ (don’t laugh at my name for them! OK, go ahead and laugh! XD)! You might also see some couples in here, too, like Ty Lokka and Maiko. I thought the song fit pretty well, but that’s for you to decide! I also found out that no one else has done these three girls to this song, so that made it even more fun making the full version and my recent beta! ^^ It also looks like youtube made the picture speed up again. *sigh* So anyway, Enjoy! :) Song: Poker Face Artist: Lady Gaga (Interscope Records) Ending Song: Goin’ Crazy Artist: Ashley Tisdale (Warner Brothers) Character(s): Azula, Mai, & Ty Lee (Featuring Maiko, Ty Lokka, & Chenzula) Show: Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nickelodeon/Viacom) Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8 w/ Particle Illusion 3.0 Time Taken: 2 days Download: www.megaupload.com By downloading this video, you promise to never offend me, Amity, by using it in other videos or uploading it elsewhere on the web! I also got a Twitter account! :) You can follow me on there: twitter.com Disclaimer: I do not own any of the material used in this video! Avatar belongs to Nickelodeon/Viacom! The song, Poker
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “♥ Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee ~ Poker Face ♥”

  1. Vickycyrus007 Says:

    This is awesome :D

  2. vampierwerewolf Says:

    Disney girls got nothing on these bad ass girls

  3. LuSt3xCluSiv3 Says:


  4. xxYAINAWAIxx Says:

    Where did you get the episodes from? The video looks amazing! Best poker face Avatar vid on the net.

  5. mewmusa Says:

    what program did you used?

  6. lexiegirlcp Says:

    mai and ty lee almost kill azula sooo ty lee and mai go to jail and ty lee breaks out and goes in jail again then mai goes to jail…………but GO TY LEE AND MAI THEY ROCK azulas lips change in the episodes its really wierd

  7. lexiegirlcp Says:

    @candygurl865 thats ty lee to let u know

  8. xlovexsongxgirlx Says:

    wow how do u made it

  9. candygurl865 Says:


  10. candygurl865 Says:


  11. moaa042 Says:

    all i hear is “no you cant beat my brooklyn rage, i dont wanna be a furry!”

  12. NegreanuDan33 Says:

    Nice, can we play next week my full tilt ID is abbeytel3353 =D

    And yes
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  13. Blueberrygirl123456 Says:

    amazing :)

  14. xXAmity0ParkXx Says:

    Sure :)

  15. AzulaOriginal Says:

    @xXAmity0ParkXx can u send me the link too thx :D

  16. Rickashayful Says:

    This was epic! Absolutely loved it! This also had some amazing effects too that I haven’t seen in other videos. Wonderful job!

  17. americasmostwanted55 Says:


  18. aDadfor3 Says:

    <3 Ty Lee!!

  19. ishybadanger Says:


  20. Lythya Says:

    Awesome! A bit too little Ty Lee in the middle but this is just SWEET!

  21. ZOmenOfDLeoavteh Says:

    Just so you know, the thumbnail of this video does NOT do it justice. Its a really good video! Glad I clicked on it, cause I know how it feels when your video is awesome but the thumbnail happens to land on the worst possible spot! Hasn’t NOT happened to me yet, lol.
    And just a little consructive critisizum/opinion: Azula looks good in blue effects, you should try that a little more then the red you were puting her in. But thats just my opinion, and it may be because he name is blue…. lol xD

  22. WolfPrincessGirl Says:

    LOVE this vid!! One of my fave vids with THE BEST badgirls EVER!!! I saw the movie of the last airbender today. I was dissapointed with ALOT of things :( But Azula was at the end and I was sitting there thinking OMG!! AZULA!! She might actually LOOK like her charector! Hope they do the rest of the series though… AZULA MAI AND TY LEE RULE!!!

  23. Airbender20100 Says:

    Awesome vid!

  24. itzyourcrayons Says:

    Fire lord ozai’s Angels.

  25. marlenepower55 Says:

    poker face at 2:02 ?!?!?!hahahahaha XD
    ty lee is a bit missing…but great vid *two thumbs up*

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